Jeffery Dahmer

My Friend Jeff Dammed Essay Do you ever wonder what Jeffrey Damper’s life could have been, if he didn’t have the urge to kill innocent young boys? If he got the help he needed, could he become famous since he was super smart in school? Dammed barely had any friends, his teachers never paid enough attention to him. His parent’s were going through a divorce and never paid any attention to him. Damper’s parent’s never noticed that Jeffrey was going out getting drunk every day, or dissecting dead animal off the side f the road.

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What could have been done to help dammed? There is many ways people could have have helped dammed. One of them is, his parent’s could have paid a lot more attention to their son. For example: Instead of Dammars parent fighting constantly, and spending all their time with divorce papers, they could have stopped what they were doing, and ask Dammed how was his day. Creating a strong bond between Dammars family. When the bond is really strong Dammed could have opened up, and tell his family what he’s was feeling towards his impulsive actions towards animals.

That eventually led up to killing humans also Cannibalism innocent people. A second way someone could have helped Dammed is, his teachers. For example: Dammed skipped a lot of his classes, spending his time in the schools parking lot to drink tons of beer. His teachers should have been paying a lot more attentions to each student’s actions. Once they noticed Dammed is far from normal, the teachers could have sat down with him, and talk about his actions,which they would most likely suggested him to go to counseling.

All the teachers thought that nothing was wrong with him, they really didn’t notice Dammed at all. As you can tell there is many ways other people could have helped Dammed, for instance his parent could have helped him,teachers,friends and even strangers,but chose not to. If people took their time to notice Dammed, then they could have helped him and stopped him before he is what he is, a serial killer. We will never know what he could have become if the urge of killing someone stopped before it had gotten way out if hand.

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