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Compare the impact and effectiveness of two promotional methods used by one television programmer. Top gear is a British television programmer based around cars. The show includes car reviews and lap times and they bring in celebrities to do a lap in a reasonably priced car, but the main chunk of the show is based around a challenge that the three main presenters try and complete. The target audience aimed is for people who want to improve their quality of life because Top gear is mainly about how fast the car is, how it looks, what good features it has and how it can improve your quality of life.

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In the other hand people may watch Top gear for the entertainment because the three present are known for their craziness and crazy challenges. The three main presenters are Jeremy Clarion, Richard Hammond and James may. Jeremy Clarion is the heart of the show with his sarcastic humor and racist remarks. He also is seen as the leader on the show, bringing his word of skills into the show allowing the audience to know more about the cars, making them want to “sleep with them”. Richard Hammond is the risk taking and adventurous hamster. He brings the show a ere unique blend of feisty enthusiasms.

He also dresses like a cool young adult with his leather Jacket and his hair all spiked up showing that whatever age you are you can still look good in a very fancy car Lastly, James may is the easy going and intelligent captain slow. He brings thoughtful new elements to the show who is known for wearing a lot of colored t shirt. Top Gear is shown on BBC institution and is one of the most successful shows that they show. They have three hundred and fifty million views every year and are now a franchise across the globe being the second most watch programmer in 2012.

Just been beaten by the London Olympics. One type of promotional method used by top gear is a teaser trailer of their new series of top gear. Throughout the trailer it uses connotation and denotation. It also uses basic premise as each woman hold up a ruined shirt. When the trailer starts we can see three woman in the department and one of them says “What has he been up to this time? ” This makes the audience want to know what they are up to this time. Also the question asks can also be linked with a “Mum type statement” which meaner hat the three boys still have a mind of a little boy.

After we see one of the women holding a shirt with bullet holes on them then we see a plane flying across Jeremy Clarion and shooting him whiles he’s driving. This will be entertaining to watch. The audience will see their experience because you won’t see this happen in real life. We then see a woman holds up a really muddy shirt. Then we see Richard Hammond driving hardly through a muddy road wearing a similar shirt. This shows how crazy top gear will be showing these challenges which will bring a lot of excitement. The next scene we see a woman holding a ripped rugby shirt.

After it shows James may playing car rugby. This shows that whatever they are doing it will be dirty and muddy. This will also bring new excitement for the audience because they would not expect to see a Duncan AT cars playing rugby In ten Titles. Lastly we see ten stag. Woman says “she gets it so easy’ then we see a young attractive woman cleaning the stag helmet. This shows that Top gear will bring a bit of “knob gag” which will show there humor. No one knows who he is nor doesn’t he speak. He’s a professional river who time race every car bringing fairness into the show.

This is also effective because the trailer will bring secondary audience to watch this series. The primary audience will think this series will be very entertaining and exciting because the three presenters are known for their crazy challengers and craziness. This will allow the primary audience to post comments on social media creating secondary audiences. The fact that Top gear was the second most watch programmer in 2012 they have to do something much bigger and make this series no different to others. It s also effective because it show a little preview of what they did in a short time.

I believe that the trailer represent it well because it shows a little preview of what they did in a short time. Another method is a web page. The Top Gear website has a hero shot of the three presenters and the Stag on the same level as them which is contradicting the poster because the Stag is behind the presenters. The connotation of this is that the Stag is just as important as the other presenters. I believe there are intellectual links between the trailer and the website the stag is very much seen as an important errors in the show because there’s a picture of him in the background and he’s at the end of the trailer.

Top Gear logo has very much become a house style for these promotional media for Top Gear. The miss-en-scene of the website is many adverts for cars and links to extra things about the show like news. Also there shop for merchandise for Top Gear. This will allow the audience to be a part of top gear. I believe the web page impacts the audience and makes them think the show is a very exciting and entertaining show for the audience. I believe that the web page is effective because the website has a huge impact on the primary audience because they are overwhelmed by the amount of content they are given.

It will also bring secondary audience. They will be able to catch up on a lot of things. Such as reading more about the show and the three presenters. Not only that but they can watch latest series. I believe the website is also effective because it allows the audience to delve deeper into the show and really get the best entertainment they can from the show. I think the website represents the show well because it has car reviews and it as the series available to watch and it has news and so forth.

This will also create a huge impact on people quality of life. The BBC media institution produce these promotional materials so that they capture a real essence of what the show is about and therefore make it really effective for the target audience. The trailer was effective but not as effective as the web page. This is because the trailer promotes a little preview of what they did in a short bit of time whereas the weeping has everything what the primary and secondary audience need.

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