Jackie Chan

Who here has ever Jackie Chance a toilet handle or a bathroom door? We assume that it has been quite a few if not all of us. This is a tragedy to run into when trying to enjoy time with family, friends, and or loved ones while at a place of entertainment. This is what we aim to eliminate at our amusement park. We will achieve this goal by first, setting a higher standard of cleaning. Second, cleanliness will be fun for all park goers. Third, we will clean and inspect all park equipment.

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When all three of these objectives are executed we will have no further need of our gung-if skills in the bathroom. The first step in achieving our goal of a clean park is to raise the bar on being clean. Tim Duncan a power forward for the San Antonio Spurs once said “Good, better, best. Never rest till your good is better than your best. ” A way that we will do this is by employing enough maintenance personnel to run multiple cleaning crews at all times. Our park is quite large so this is crucial to keeping trash and messes under control.

In addition to having enough personnel to control waste at the park we will implement a tight routine schedule to monitor the washrooms. Also certain crews will be designated to specific restrooms so the workload is divided up evenly. The second step in reaching our goal is to make cleanliness fun for all our visitors. One method we will use is to place small basketball hoops over every trash can or recycling bin. We hope that the sound of a satisfying buzzer will motivate all of our guests to try their hardest to get that trash they possess into these receptacles.

Another method of motivating our guests to help keep our park clean is to keep watch over our guests and randomly reward those who keep trash off the grounds. These rewards can include anything from a free season passes to a special reward coupons. We hope that this small incentive will keep guests aware that there might be someone watching when they least expect it. (Except in the privacy of the facilities we work so hard to keep clean) Our third and final step the keeping the park in tip top condition is to make sure hat all the extreme activities we offer around the park are not only clean but safe.

On June 1 lath CBS news did a story about how only ninety-five percent of people wash their hands correctly. This can be found on cobwebs. Com. Our maintenance crews will also have the skills to clean and repair the equipment back to tip top operating condition. For instance if you want to use the rock climbing gear we rent out, it would please you to know that not only is it clean but it has also been inspected for safety precautions. Another example of our staffs’ responsibilities would be if you were using the biking trails.

There will be routine checks to ensure there is no large debris in the way that might obscure the path or cause injury to an unaware bicyclist. This is how we plan to keep our park clean and safe for all of our guests that visit us. We will have plenty of skilled personnel. We will help you help us keep the park clean. Also, make sure that the equipment that we offer to the guests is both safe as well as clean. So why don’t we leave the gung-if skills at home? Jackie Chain By scouting’s

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