Its a Man’s World

Where do women stand in a man’s world? It is a man’s world. Men are higher paid, have more options and are overall more noticed in the world than women. But this is not to say that women are left flailing away helplessly at the bottom of the gender food chain or hidden somewhere in the shadows or man’s success, because many would argue those men’s lives are greatly dependent on women. It is a well known fact that men in general have been known to achieve to a much higher standard than women in the financial world.

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The top 15 billionaires are all ale except for one female who inherited the money from her belated husband. While these men sit comfortably at one end of the spectrum, many women are located at the complete other end of the extremes occupied by unpaid work. Unpaid work is known to women all over the world from women collecting wood and walking kilometers to find water in Africa to cooking and cleaning in households Just like our own. However, because this type of work does not produce any financial profit alone it is often considered economically redundant and worthless.

The truth is that this mind of work is essential for the workings of the rest of society and the existence of the paid work force itself. In 1999 unpaid work was calculated to be valued at 40 million dollars which was equivalent to 39% of the NZ gross domestic product and in 2006 a New Zealand survey showed that women are still more likely to do unpaid work than men. This type of work may be taken up time that could be used to do paid work, but it is this kind of work allows others to get out of the house and do paid work which is why men’s financial success is greatly dependent on women.

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