Internal and External Pursuasive Communication

Internal and External Persuasive Communication BY suburbs Internal and External Persuasive Communication COM 537 August 19, 2013 Abstract Organizations both large and small, all share a common feature. This feature is internal and external stakeholders. An organization can have a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders. It is vital to make certain that designated managers within the organization keeps both internal and external stakeholders informed of accolades, potential problems, problems, as well as any other issue that has transpired that will affect them.

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By doing so, all stakeholders will remain happy, and may even be able to offer applicable feedback. Persuasive Memo to Internal Stakeholder: Employees To: Best Games Productions Employees From: Shelley Banks – Manager Date: August 19, 2013 RE: Follow up on release of new video game I have been working for Best Games Productions for many years, and I have been extremely pleased with the quality of products that our company produces. I believe that what makes this organization so successful is the time and care that we put in our products, which makes me very proud.

As we all may know, video games have impacted most every home in the country. People of all walks enjoy playing video games; meaning that we all have a lot of competition on our hands. As you all are aware, we are set to roll our newly redesigned game in Just a few short weeks. Since the game is expected to be released Just before the holidays, we are expecting a large amount of sales. There however, have been a few technical issues with the new product. These problems are somewhat minor, but raise grave concerns regarding customer satisfaction. Our customers have a high level of expectations from our company and products.

Releasing a highly anticipated game intentionally without remedying the issues will affect our reputation amongst our loyal customer, which the management teams deems unfair to the customer and unethical business practices. Undoubtedly, our customers will be displeased, and put off by the quality of our product. We as an organization must make the customer our first priority. As I always say around the office “no customers, no Jobs”. This holds very true in this particular situation. If we let our dedicated customers down they may not return, thus making the organization suffer gravely.

So how are we going to proceed from here? We are going to do the correct and honest thing, and allow the game developers a bit more time to correct the bugs within the video game. This may have unpleasant effects on sales, but pleasing the customer by meeting and exceeding their expectation, we will ensure that our customers will continue to remain loyal and satisfied providing us many more sales for years to come. Your time and cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated by all of the management staff. Keep up the excellent work. Warm regards, Shelley Banks – Production Manager

Press Release for External Stakeholders – Investors For Immediate Release to all Best Games Production Investors August 19, 2013 Contact: Shelley Banks – Production Manager Follow up regarding release date and revenue expectancy for new video game As many are eagerly awaiting the release of the new video game in a few short weeks, we initially anticipated a large amount of revenue generated from the release dates being so close to the open of the holiday season. There may possible be a delay in the release date of the game due to technical matters.

While we still stand a chance f reaping a large profit from game sales, the numbers may not be exactly what Best Games Production managers originally projected. In more detail, the circumstances pertaining to the delayed release of this long awaited video game are technical issues that are causing the video game to be sub-par of our standard of quality. The management team decided that we had two choices. We could either roll the game out with the technical issues still remaining, or we could delay the release of the video game allowing our video game developers more time to resolve the technical bugs, and bring our product up to spec.

Either way: there will be disgruntled still remaining. Yes, we would more than likely exceed our sales expectation. We are more than certain that the game would sale, as our sales records show, but if the customers are dissatisfied with our product that be reflected in future sales. How would this choice change the opinions of our customers? Perhaps they would think that compared to our previous products, this game is not what they expected, I wasted my money, this game is not working properly and I would like a refund – and so on. How would we as an organization recover from this?

Would we be able to cover? The potential for loss is very great in this situation. Now, consider the second choice: delaying the release of the video game allowing our video game developers more time to resolve the technical bugs, and bring our product up to spec. This will however prevent the organization from reaching its projected sales goal. How would this make the customer feel? Perhaps they would be disappointed for the additional wait, they may be very pleased with the quality of or product once again, they may feel as is the additional wait was well worth it because the product is outstanding.

What would this mean for future sales? Increased customer loyalty, increased sales, and we would continue to uphold or fabulous reputation. For the management team this was an easy decision to make. Evaluating the situation long term; choice two leaves only a slight chance of a decrease in sales, while choice one has an alarming probability of Jeopardizing the future of Best Games Production. We are in no way interested in releasing a product that is not our best and may let our customers down.

We certainly do appreciate you taking time to read this release. Investor feedback can be sent to www. Esteemed/investors. Com We will do our best to respond to any questions or concerns within 72 hours. Warm regards, Shelley Banks – Production Manager. Synopsis Memo My communication method of choice for the internal stakeholders was a memo sent via email to all employees. My technique of persuasion was ethics. This affords each employee an opportunity to set aside a time that is convenient for them to read the email and focus on the message.

I prefer this method over a staff meeting because it takes away from the organizations production, and Just may be unrealistic in many cases (Stuart, Sorrow, & Stuart 2007). The way that I chose to eliminate noise was to allow each employee to read the email at their desk, providing less distraction. Also, realistically, the internal stakeholders that I selected for my memo did not need an extensive background of the company. They Just needed to know the managers viewpoint the dilemma. By keeping the memo concise, this eliminated the noise of unnecessary information.

The perspective of the internal stakeholder that I considered is that the reputation of the business would be a reflection on them and or all of the workers. Therefore, they employees would take the long term effects of he dilemma into strong consideration. Press Release When preparing my press release for the external stakeholders that I selected, again, I feel that email is a more that efficient way to send communication to the external investors. The method of persuasion that I utilized in the press release was logic. The external investors are not involved in the organization on a daily basis.

However, since these individuals have invested a monetary amount to the ongoing of the organization, they must be informed in a timely fashion of any possible dilemmas that may affect their investment. Many times, since the investors are not regularly involved with the business, they are involves in other projects as well (Brenner & Cochran 1991). It would be near impossible to gather all the busy people for a phone conference, or a fade to face meeting. Regular mail is not the quickest method, so that leaves email as an efficient way to send information pertaining to the company’s dilemma.

Again in most businesses today, email is the preferred method of contact. Since investors are usually very busy this allows them a chance to read it when they are free from other distractions. Additionally, the investors should be allowed to provide feedback to the managers since they have their personal funds invested. The feedback should be submitted all in a uniform manner. The noise that is eliminated from the external stakeholders communication was not giving a long drawn out history of the company (they probably researched before they invested) and cut straight to the issue at hand.

Their time is very valuable, and they also need a method of submitting feedback. The investor’s perspective is to see which choice will produce the most profit in the long run. The managers have clearly made their session, which will affect the investors personal financial circumstances, but by giving the investors a chance to provide any input or feedback will help the manager know what the general opinion, and next course of action will be for certain investors.

Conclusion Many organizations face dilemmas such as what Best Games Productions is facing. Managers and Coo’s must not have any reservations about releasing vital and problematic information to both internal and external stakeholders. Organizational dilemmas can negatively affect more than Just the business, but the individual and immunities that have a direct affiliation with them. There is a level of responsibility an organization must up hold in an effort to remain ethical in their business practices.

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