The Chief’s Daughters

What is the moral behind the myth, “The Chief’s Daughters”? The moral of the story is to be careful what you wish for and not everything is what it seems to be. “Do not judge a book by its cover”. 2. What did Columbus find so fascinating about the people of the Indies? Columbus found it fascinating that the Indies never said no when you asked for something. He they would invite the person to share it and show as much love as if they were giving their hearts. They were very appreciative. 3. What happened to John Smith when he was sent to scout for food? How did he make it back?

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John Smith was captured and taken to meet the chief. Smith says that at the last minute of his ordered execution the chiefs daughter threw herself across him and sacrificed her own life for his. She prevailed with her father and he was escorted back to Jamestown. 4. List several of the problems the Pilgrims faced on the voyage and once they arrived in Massachusetts. Rough seas and storms prevented the Mayflower from reaching their initial destination. More than half of the English settlers died during that first winter, as a result of poor nutrition and housing that proved inadequate in the harsh weather.

New England would soon be torn apart by violence. That conflict left some 5,000 inhabitants of New England dead. Exposure, malnutrition and illness led to the death of half the group . 5. Explain the four things that Winthrop propounded on with regard to Christian charity ? The persons, The Work, The ends, and The meaner. 6. What does Ann Broadsheet compare her love for her husband to? The love for her spouse is more precious than gold

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