Imperial vine

The Imperial Vine Christians drank wine because of its close association with Christianity. According to the Bible, Chrism’s first miracle, at the beginning of his ministry, was the transformation of six Jars of water into wine at a wedding near the Sea of Galilee. Christ told several parables about wine and often likened himself to a vine. He told his followers, “l am the vine, you are the branches. ” Chrism’s offering of wine to his disciples at the Last Supper then led to its role in the Eucharist, the central Christian tidal in which bread and wine symbolize Chrism’s body and blood.

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This was probably the main reason why Christians drank wine knowing that Christ made the wine in the first place. Muslims don’t drink wine… Period. Traditions say that Muhammad proscription of alcohol followed a fight between two of his disciples during a drinking party. When Muhammad sought divine guidance from Allah to prevent this incident, Allah’s reply was that wine and games are abominations made from Satan. Allah told the prophet to avoid them at all cost. This is one of the many factors why Muslims does not want o drink wine.

However, in some places wine was used at celebrations to congratulate such works from ABA Noun’s and other Arab poets. In Spain and Portugal, production remained to continue. It all comes down to who follow Muhammad teaching really closely. Other reasons why Christians drink wine and Muslims don’t may be unknown. However, one may choose to drink no matter what religion they were. Some may drink it out of satisfaction, or Just because the text says that it contributed to the religion in more ways than one. Some may not drink it because of traditions, or simply they cannot handle it.

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