Impact social class in consumer behavior

Brief summary on Social Class Impact on Consumer behavior in Peru The classes Status: to be understood as the position of the individual within a social system, as perceived by members of society. The status depends not only on the social class to which they belong but individual characteristics. The social class structure are generally divided into five groups: high, medium high, medium, medium low, low.

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The profiles of each of these classes indicate that socioeconomic differences are reflected n differences in attitudes, leisure activities and consumption habits. Research has revealed difference between the class as to the habits of clothing, home decor, telephone use, use of leisure time, preferably purchase locations and saving habits, spending and credit use. This can be used strategically for marketing. Studies of consumer dissatisfaction reveal a relationship between the type of problems posed by the consumer and social class.

Each society establishes subjectively set of values ND ideals reflected in the types of the members thereof, that apply to that ideal are respected and have prestige. In this aspect, the possession of certain products are considered in many cases as a status symbol , like the automobile , the type and location of housing, etc.. In complex societies where wealth determines the status, possessions become an indicator of the value of wealth; here in Peru occurs almost the same.

However, there has been a weakening of the traditional symbols of status, cause with the advances in technology and communication, has increased the desire and the availability of material goods in all classes. The middle class is refined tastes holding the luxury goods market. The symbols and not necessarily an indicator of social class, so the upper classes adopt other symbols, and these vary by geographic region, for example, in the mountains of Peru, wealth can be measured by the amount of land or livestock that one possesses.

Social classes are multidimensional: People often associate the money with the idea of social class, but also the occupancy generally provides indication of the class to which it belongs, since certain occupations enjoy greater prestige. Here in Peru, the occupations that create this image are administrators, industrial engineers, miners, some lawyers, among others. The house also has considered another important indicator of social class, especially the installation site.

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