“If” and “Mother to Son” Poems

Rudyard Kipling in his poem “If” is providing an inspirational conversation between a father and a son to have self-confidence, courage, patience and honesty. In the poem is a father defining for his son the qualities off good man. The father is telling his son that he could face trouble as easily as you face success, and you can take something that broke even though you worked so hard for it you can rebuild it all over again. The father speaks to his son of taking everything you’ve worked for and risk it all, and then lose it and have to start again. The key to that is not telling anyone of your loss.

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Son when you are tired and exhausted and your body Just feels like it can’t continue on, use your mind and your will to tell yourself to “Hold on” and persevere. Push through it son. The speaker is telling his son to being able to work with anyone and not change who you are or what you stand for. The father says that if you can do all of these things, the world is yours and you can be truly called a Man. “Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, and which is more you’ll be a Man my son! ” “Mother to Son” This poem by Longboats Hughes, “Mother to Son”, is the form of a communication between a mother and son about life.

It is the mother speaking to her son by giving advice, who is part of the young generation. She compares her life to a staircase of life that she has lived. She is telling her son that she has not had an easy life. Her staircase has “splinters and tacks. ” Both of these have been a symbolic of her having suffered many hurts. These symbolic will not cause life threatening injury, but they certainly will cause pain and that her life has always had pain. Another detail that he gives to her son is that her staircase is that of boards “being torn up. It is the symbolic value that her life was filled with more dangerous situations than Just “splinters and tacks”. She also is telling her son that not every step along the way was a safe one, but regardless of this she continues. The mother addresses her son by saying that he should not “set down” or fall down Just because his staircase is hard to climb. In her eyes, her son should never give up. Instead, her son should see her as an example because it was not easy for her, but she never gave up thought he experience of life has not proved to be a “crystal stair” for her.

In “Mother to Son” the mother wants to pass her knowledge of life to him, that nothing is free and with hard work you will receive the feeling of accomplishments. The mother speaks of her hardships in life, but even with those she has always had hope. Even during the darkest times in her life she never gave up. In “If” the poem is fairly straightforward. It’s listing many circumstances in life that can bring us down, break our spirit, and lose our morals or self-discipline and saying that if you can hang on through these by here will and inner integrity, you can do anything.

Both stories differ in their style; “Mother to Son” gives a hidden approach to life. She is trying to give him subtle hints of what the road of life offers and in “If” talks of our self-confidence, how we need to believe in ourselves and be true to one’s self. There are always going to be people who think differently than you, or misinterpret you for one reason or another. I think the poem is saying that we need to rise above this, and do what we know is right and lust Don’t let toners provoke you Into octagons you Know are wrong.

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