I-Search Interview: Lawyer

It sounds like a lot but it’s not much in reality. 3. What is the beginning salary range for this and other related fields? I should have known this question was coming – well, it all depends whether you start working right away or not it’s usually around sixteen grand, I don’t know how much I an elaborate on this, of course pay will be higher the more you do and the more years you have in being a lawyer. 4. How many hours do you work per week? What is a typical work schedule? Typical duties? Also it depends whether you’re a lawyer in a rural area or a big city. I work about eighteen hours a week, three hours each day. That’s pretty typical, there are however days when I spend half my time in court rooms or sorting through papers. 5. What are the medical or insurance benefits? Paid holidays? If you’re a solo practitioner you’re on your own, if you’re part of a large firm – like ours truly- you get better benefits and if you’re part of a government firm then you’re in and settled for amazing benefits.

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Vacations, that’s tough, you do get paid holidays, sometimes, I usually receive about two to three weeks, but I usually answer my phone in case a client calls, you have to keep them happy if you want them to keep coming to you. 6. Please describe the working environment. How important is working with others in performing day-to-day tasks? We do most of our work in the office, law libraries, or in the court room or sometimes e arrange meetings in the client’s home or in something small like a coffee shop.

In other cases it could be the hospital or a prison – it all depends on what you’re doing or what type of client you are attending. It’s really important to work well with your clients if you want to succeed. 7. How is technology specifically used in this field? How isn’t it? We use it to present slideshows in trials and evidence, of course we also need it to complete certain tasks, being a lawyer can be quite stressful and you tend o forget small things, so I have my I-Phone 5 to help me in reminding me when to feed my dog or when to go visit my parent’s.

Then there’s also electric billing. Technology isn’t the end of the world, it’s the beginning. 8. What are the opportunities for advancement (salary and promotions? ) Well of course there is, first you start as a lawyer, then a partner is a firm of lawyers, proceeding to a senior partner – in which you receive a bigger share of profit- and then it goes on until you get to the supreme court Justice. It’s a life long thing but you always start out a lawyer.

The salary rises as you do. 9. What are the most important personal characteristics a person should process in order to be successful in this field? Be immune to all feelings. I’m kidding, but as I have said in the beginning of the interview all you need is comprehension, the use of language, critical thinking, logical reasoning – be like Sherlock Holmes, you need to know what is before you and how to expand it and then all the truth will appear right before you. Rare? Do you have any regrets about choosing this career? I think becoming a lawyer is my biggest accomplishment, I came from a family where all my cousins where either high school drop outs, working in States Brothers, having babies at a young age, or even going to a school to study being a nurse but dropping out and working at Subway which resulted in quitting and still living at home with your parent’s and only having time for a relationship.

I like to think that I did not end up to them and whether it’s wrong to feel proud at family gatherings, I do not regret my choice in becoming what I am now. I always wanted to be an independent person, I despised people helping or people pushing me, but it ended up being beneficial, you Just have to keep going, I don’t regret it, the only thing I regret is having a court case on my mother’s birthday. 1 1 . What are the future growth prospects in this field?

Will there be positions available in five years? Hopefully, a lot more. There will always be positions open, people tend to believe that the United States have no Jobs available, but they do, they’re Just farther up the ladder and you really have to work for it, there will always be Jobs for lawyers or anything as high as a lawyer, like a doctor, you can never get too many doctors or lawyers for that matter. 12. If you had to choose again, would you enter the same field?

Why? If not, why not? What would you choose instead? Why? I have a strong voice, I think I could have made it in Simon Swell’s X-Factor, maybe I could have been the sixth member in that one boy band of his – One Direction? I think that’s it, my niece loves them. But as I said before, I don’t regret my choice, I wouldn’t trade it for anything, it’s good pay and you get the satisfaction of success and helping others. 3. What was a case you’ve recently worked on?

I was actually on trial with this man who was trying to divorce his wife, he was willing to give her anything but all she wanted was the cat they adopted together, in the end, it resulted in using child protocols to work it out, a week with her and a week with him. Funny how the world works isn’t it? 14. Last question, if you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be and why? Robert Downey Jar. Definitely. I tend to think I would look good in his Iron suit. O’ Callaghan, Phillip. Personal interview. 9 May 2013.

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