I Knew This Was My Moment

It seemed as though he noise was emanating from the back door. I crept stealthily on my tip-toes through the living room and the kitchen. The banging was becoming more intense. I craned my long neck and peered through a side window. What I beheld in my vision made me gasp in horror. There on the landing stood a strange-looking character all donned in black. He was fiddling with the locks in his attempt to enter the house. In his hand, he held a menacing-looking weapon. His face was dark and hidden.

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My first reaction was to call the police. I bolted up the stairs and dashed into my room. With trembling fingers, I searched quickly for my BlackBerry. I dialed the number of the Police Station that was in close proximity to our house. Luckily my parent’s had printed out a list of the emergency phone numbers and stuck it on my bedroom wall. I spoke to the curator and explained my predicament. After talking to the sergeant, I dialed my parent’s who seemed annoyed on hearing my voice. After moments, they realized that something was wrong.

I briefly explained to them the entire situation. My dad became worried and advised me to remain upstairs and to lock the bedroom door. By this time, I could hear some fidgeting and tampering of items in the living room. It seemed as though the intruder had entered our house. My fear knew no bounds and it multiplied by the dozen. I was shaking like a leaf in the wind on a breezy day. Several minutes later, all was calm and still. Suddenly in the distance, I could discern the piercing shrill of the sirens of the police.

With relieved emotions, I quietly peered through my bedroom window. They made a swerve on our driveway and surrounded the house with their squad cars. I heard scampering feet up the stairs, it seemed as though the robber was trying to devise a scheme to make a getaway. I quickly arouse to my feet however my head bumped into the bookshelf above me and a load of heavy books came crashing to the ground. The house-breaker caught his attention of the noise. “Come out with your both hands up in the air or we will open fire! He hastily stroke hard blows and kicks at my door to break it open. Unfortunately he Jerked open the door, without spearing a single second, I grabbed my baseball bat and smacked him one tough stroke in his stomach. He fell to the hard, cold, tiled floor of my bedroom in a great deal of pain and discomfort. With my head still throbbing, I made a dash for it and bolted down the flight of stairs. I sped to the front entrance and unlocked the door. I darted out and noticed all the alert detected it was me, the chief police officers exclaimed to hold fire.

I informed the situation with the burglar upstairs to the chief and they gathered a few members and headed upstairs. How alleviated I was when the criminal was eventually seized, handcuffed and conveyed outside. Some moments later, my frightened parent’s returned to our residence. I excitedly scarped towards them and greeted them both with such a loving hug. Oh how happy they were to see me safe and sound! Moments later the police officers and the handcuffed bandit approached my parent’s and l, the police asked me if I would like the honor to pull of the mask from the thief.

I bravely accepted, the police gasped in shock when the face of the man was discovered. It turned out that I was a heroine, the intruder turned out to be a serious wanted criminal for various charges. The next day, there was a function held on my behalf to honor the bravery of me and for assisting in catching the criminal. As I walked on stage to collect my shiny medal from the chief police officer, I thought to myself, “l knew this was my moment! ”

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