Human behavior and enviroment

HN 144-04 Prof. Lori 11/12/2013 After reading the article From Tragedy to Triumph:Counselor as Companion on the Hero’s Journey, I must say that I am truly inspired. This was really a inspirational story it will make anyone who is down and out want to get up and succeed in life. It just makes you want to be a better you overall. I believe that the counselor has learned a lot from Steve and the counselor’s behavior also changed after the encounter with Steve.

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The counselor learned that just because some one has limitations and it seems that it might take the person a ittle longer to achieve something does not mean that you should give up on that person. It also does not mean that you should try to convince the person that they can not do it. In the article Halstead stated “In a sense, my encounter with Steve was my own call to learning. My resources were tested, and I emerged with the realization that I cannot be a travel guide on such a deeply personal Journeys.

I cannot know another’s ultimate destination. I found that when working with such clients, my role as counselor is more akin to a special type of travel companion who is willing to understand and respect the rocess of walking along a sacred life path. This is the only way I can effectively help a client explore the deeper dimensions of the self that are being challenged. As the hero’s companion I must be willing to share in the client’s pain as well as new, and often time unexpected, discoveries. Halstead learned that it was not up to him to find a simpler and easy path for his clients but it was his Job to stand side by side with his clients through the troubles and tribulations that they might face on their Journey. The counselor behavior has changed a lot because of Steve. I think it has changed because Steve has showed him a new way to look at things and also showed him a new way to approach certain situations. I believe that some people that come in to your life can change you but not most.

I say not most because if the majority of people that come into your life change you then you will never really know exactly who you are because you are always changing. However, I do believe that there a select few people who can come into you life and change you and that change can be for the better. I think that in order or someone to even be able to change you, you have to be willing to change or at least have a open mind. But most of all I think that you as a person have to look at every encounter that you have as a learning experience. Steve has changed as a result of this relationship by not trying to be normal anymore. He discovered parts of himself that were normal, they were extraordinary’ (Halstead 2000). At the beginning of the article Steve Just wanted to accomplish everything with little or no help and by then end of the article he accepted help and ended up doing everything he wanted to do and more. Steve has benefited from this relationship because he became a better him. Steve is a lot stronger then he was before as it was stated in the in the article ” I really grew up because of all this. Before the attack I was going no where. Now I have a direction” (Halstead 2000). He found his self as a result of this relationship.

He is also working to help other people that was in his predicament, so that they too can find themselves. An ethical issue that may lead me as a human service professional to review the ethical standards would be Steven trying to go above and beyond his limitation. I would have to review the ethical standards on this matter because one of the ethical standards states “If it is suspected that danger or harm may occur to the client or to others as a result of a client’s behavior, the human service professional acts in an appropriate and professional manner to protect the safety of those individuals.

This may involve seeking consultation, supervision, and/or breaking the confidentiality of the relationship” (NOHS). If Steven is trying to go above his limitation then there could have been a possibly of him hurting his self. So in order to solve that issue I would look back at the ethical standards to fgure out how I can help to achieve all that he wanted to achieve.

The National Organization of Human Service ethical standards are important to follow as I begin to work with individuals, families, groups, and communities because it will prevent me from getting in to sticky situations. For example one of my clients says that they are thinking about hurting someone. As a Human Service professional it is my Job to keep a certain level of confidentiality, however the code of ethics says hat if my client is going to hurt him or her self or someone else then I have the right to break the confidentiality.

If I did not follow the code of ethics then I could possible be an accessory to murder or something along of them lines. Overall the code of ethics are there to help the Human Service professional to be the best that we can be. References NOHS. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. nationalhumanservices. org/ethical- standards-for-hs-professionals Halstead, R. W. (2000). From Tragedy to Triumph: Counselor as Companion on the Hero’s Journey. Counseling And

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