How to Write a Critique for a Theatrical Performance A critique is an evaluation ofa performance of a show. It should contain five paragraphs. 1. Paragraph I??”The Basics Include the answers to the five W’s: Who (the playwright, directors, and actors What (the title of the play) Where (the name of the school or theater) When (when did you see it? ) Why (In a few sentences, state the basic theme of the show) 2. Paragraph 2??”The Plot Briefly summarize the plot of the show: How well did the story work? Was it interesting, entertaining?

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Did you like the actual script? 3. Paragraph 3??”The Acting Reactions to the performers playing the characters in the play: Use their real names and character names Were they believable? How was their volume and articulation? Did their gestures and body movement stay true to the character? 4. Paragraph 4??”The Design set: Did it establish a definite mood and correct time period for the play? Lights: Did they convey appropriate mood, emphasis, and brightness? Costumes and Makeup: Were they true to the period of the show and to the characters? Sound:

How did the sound effects and music contribute to the shows mood? If this performance was a musical, what is your opinion of the orchestra’s performance? 5. Paragraph 5??”The Reaction What is the plays effect on the audience? Was the audience attentive? Was the audience interested? What was your opinion of the show as a whole? Back up all your opinions with valid reasons. Be objective, fair, and sincere. Evaluate the entire production. Be constructive. Indicate good points along with those you felt needed improvement. Enjoy the show??”don’t go to be overly critical.

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