Ariel O’Brien 10/23 Every once a year, someone always has that one tradition they like to do on a holiday. Well, mine so happens to be on Christmas. Every year on Christmas, my family and I like to play fun games after opening our presents and done having dinner. Some may have the same thing every year Just like my family, but in my opinion, I don’t think it’s the actual same. My family and I like to be different every year. Even though we still buy each other gifts, there are some things we Just buy for the fun games!

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Every year we try to come up with a new game, sometimes we play cards to win a gift. The fun about winning one of those gifts is that it’s not something that you expected, for example, a tissue box or maybe even a candle because it can be random. It’s the best to have a random gift because later on, we actually might Just use it, which makes the fun out of the random gift. People also have their own types of recipes, mine so ever tries different things every year because my family and I like to switch up things every once in awhile and try something new.

We usually look up recipes in a cook book or the internet and would bring it to each other’s houses. My family and I like to try new things every year because we wouldn’t want to get bored with the same thing every year something new is also exciting! My family and I also like to visit each other’s houses so we wouldn’t get bored going to the same one house every year. Before opening all of our presents my family and I like to try the new recipes that everyone has tried to make. My aunt however is more sticking to what she loves to make, cupcakes.

In my opinion they are never bad; they always have a good taste the best I ever had and a pretty decorations on them. My mom also likes to stick with her artichoke dip, but other than sticking to what everyone loves, my family and I love to look on the internet and always try new things. It’s always exciting to do new things every year because it’s different to start a new tradition that everyone will love in my family. Seeing my family happy and all together is the best holiday I could ever have with my family, and that is why I love this holiday.

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