health and safety

health and safety BY JJb1996 I have chosen these responses safety, security, seeking help, serious injuries and alerting for help and have them in this order because they are in order of top priority to help the casualty who has been hit by a car outside the residential care home. I chose to have safety as top priority response as it is really important that the casualty and your safety is the number one priority in dealing with the accident if it is on a dangerous and busy road for example.

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I then chose to have security as the next response in helping with the casualty who has had the accident, as if you don’t keep he casualties belongs safe you may not be able to get in contact with the casualties family to alert them to what has happened to their family member. The next response I chose for this particular accident was seeking help because if you don’t the casualty is at risk of not surviving if you don’t make the call to ambulance service if the casualty has life threatening injuries that have been sustained in the accident.

I have chosen seeking help as the next top response as first aid can only do so much to help them with their injuries and they will emergency medical help, so it’s important o call the relevant security and health professionals such as ambulance, fire services, doctor etc. I chose serious injuries as the next response as if they have serious neck or back injuries you can’t move them as it will make the injury worse and they may sustain more from you moving them, so it is important that you don’t move them but leave them where they are until an emergency service has arrived and they can take over.

The last response I chose for this particular accident was alerting family members this is important because if the casualty has sustained serious njuries which have caused them to then die at the scene or later in hospital it is important that family members are alerted that there has been an accident involving their family member so that they can then get to the hospital to see their family member.

If a resident of the residential care home gets hit by a car as he/she have escaped from the care home the responses that would be used are maintaining respect and dignity for the casualty, emergency first aid, reporting the accident, a follow up review of the emergency, and accessing support for own emotional reactions after an emergency. To maintain the victim’s dignity you should put a blanket or coat over them if they are receiving treatment, and also disperse any crowd gatherings of onlookers that are surrounding the casualty.

For emergency first aid refer back to P4. To report accidents that are dealt within work place they need to be recorded in an accident book, this is in case of any queries that may come up at a later date. Without any record of an accident, it is not possible to claim for compensation for the injury sustained whilst in a work place. Any minor injuries should also be recorded because t is possible that they could lead to long-term problems as it is not always obvious at the time of the accident if it will lead to long-term problems.

It is always a good idea to carry out a review after any emergency situations; this is to understand why that incident occurred and also to evaluate how effective the response was. After a very traumatic event, staff that may have been involved in caring or rescuing casualties may find that they are emotionally traumatised. The rescuers may experience Voluntary Service, and ministers of religion, are several organisations that can offer upport to both the victims and emergency services during and after the incidents have occurred.

I have chosen these responses in this order as it is important for the casualty to maintain their dignity whilst they are having first aid administrated, so that the first aid can be given to the casualty without having onlookers watching and gathering around to watch. The best response for this incident would be first aid as it can safe lives before the paramedics arrive and take over and those vital minutes of first aid could save a life.

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