Headgear is defined as a covering, such as a hat or helmet, for the head. While veil is define as a piece of fine material worn by women to protect or conceal the face. In this research, the veil that been referred is veil that worn by bride on their wedding day. Traditionally, veils are part of wedding attire. Bride without veils are like bride without its groom. Nowadays, modern wedding gown are simple and elegant in design. There are less of fluffy wedding gown now compare to our mother period of time. So, veils differentiate between a bride and the guests attend at a wedding Rooney.

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Malaysia is an equatorial climate country. Malaysia is hot and humid throughout the year. This type of weather is one of the element that influenced veil’s design and material. Brides are likely to choose chiffon fabric because it’s thinner and lighter. It is because chiffon is more suitable with the hot weather. However, there are brides that love to choose net fabric too. Despite it is suitable with the hot weather and gives maximum comfort to brides, net also a fabric that is in trend. Besides that, concept and theme of a wedding ceremony define the material and design of veils too.

Whether it is made of chiffon, net or satin, whether it is long, short or middle length of veils or whether the veils simple without embellishment, full embellishment or no embellishment at all. Furthermore, besides weather, concept and theme of a wedding ceremony, the other element that creates an issue of material and design used for brides are the economic costing. However, the problems occur with the varieties of design, material and embellishment is brides need to have a good wedding dress designer. The wedding dress designer has to know what the bride need and the cost that she could afford.

The wedding ceremony itself needs to have a strong concept and theme. It ease designer to choose the best wedding veils for the brides. All the aspects such as concept, theme, location, guest invites, economic cost, and time period need to be consider when comes to the selection of wedding veils. Introduction Items will be discuss in the chapter 1 are background of the studies, problem statement, research objectives, research questions or hypothesis, significance, delimitation’s and limitations scope.

In the background of the study, the focus will be he interested things that been consider to make the report. As for the problem statements, the actual problem in the report will be discussed. In this report, the actual problem is the material and design had to be select by brides while choosing a wedding veil. Research objectives will be discussed about the aims of the report. While research questions and objectives are the items about questions occurs while investigate the report deeply. While research hypothesis will discussed about the intellectual guess that can be made from the report.

Next item will be discussed is he significance of the report which will discussed about the contribution of this report to people. Then, delimitation’s discussed about the in control scope that the researcher can made. However, limitations are the scopes that not in the researches control. Background of the Study Malaysia climate is categorized as equatorial, being hot and humid throughout the year. With this climate, people are searching for fabric that gives them comforts in this weather. Brides want to look pretty in their wedding day with dresses and veil but at the same time still having comforts and fashionable.

The research about the epic has been made because nowadays, people are more conscious about fashion. Brides want to look fashionable yet comforts. This proposal of research is investigating about the suitable wedding headgear’s based on its material that serve comforts and fashionable look for brides. Problem Statement Chiffon fabric material is suitable to use as veils on wedding day. Embellishments such as lace, Survivors and beads can be sewn on wedding veils. Color that in trend for weddings are pastel in color. Mostly, veils are long to the floor to create a dramatic look for brides.

Research Objectives Objectives for this research is to find out 1. The suitable material for veils in Malaysia. 2. To investigate what designs are been looking mostly by brides. Research Questions / Hypotheses The question that been asked in order to make this report proposal on the issue of the headgear’s by bride on wedding days are 1. Chiffon or net material suitable for brides to use it as veils on their wedding days? 2. Are beads, Survivors and lace was the perfect embellishments to be put on veils for brides on their wedding day? 3.

What are the colors and designs that usually worn by brides as their headgear’s on he wedding days. Significance of the Study This research proposal is expected to help new couple especially brides to come out with a fashionable look yet gives them comfort as headgear’s on their wedding days. Most brides put such an effort on their dresses till forget about the headgear’s. However, this report proposal is expected to help them to find the perfect design and material as veils on their wedding day. Delimitation The delimitation scope discuss about the material, designs, embellishments, colors the perfect veils.

Within the good budget and knowledgeable designer, a perfect veil could be choose. The bride can choose her own fabric material such as chiffon or net. Then, designer can choose the best veil design for bride. The embellishment is the finishing that represent the total look of the wedding veils. Within a good budget, the right embellishment can be choose. Limitation However, the uncontrolled scope in this research is the personalities of the brides and the family members. There are brides who are fussy about design and material used for veils.

Some of them are stubborn and ignore the advice from the designer to choose the right design. There also family members who had their own suggestions ND ideas and refuse to follow the expert advice. The second uncontrolled item is the budget. There are brides who came out with a limit budget but want an expansive look veils. However, the price of material could not been adjusted. It depends on the suppliers. In my opinion, veils are one of the most over-priced items in the wedding industry!

You can buy a communion veil for under $50 in most cases, but when you attach the word “wedding” to a veil, they can cost you between $100 and $500. The difference between the two is size, which meaner that a little more fabric is needed and a few ore decorations. The first time I made a veil, I did it the easy way. I bought two yards of tulle/netting in a 45″ width. I folded it in half, and then sewed with a gathering stitch (over, under, over, under, etc. ) about 4″ from the fold. This was then gathered (the string was pulled) and tied off.

This gave me the basic veil without much work. You can then add a hair comb, headband, hat, tiara or whatever else will form your headpiece. You can attach by sewing it on or by using fabric glue. Then you decorate with our choice of notions. In this case, I used a hair comb and decorated with white appliqueГ©s and white silk roses. The fabric can be cut (before sewing the gathering stitch) to the length you need, and you can purchase four yards if you’d like a longer veil. You can the width if you prefer a less “full” effect. (Wedding veil-make one!. Shortchanges. 2010) Since it is rearing May, I’m ready to wear clothing that is fresh, light and full of movement. Recently, it has been said to death, but warm breezy weather needs to come a little bit faster. It’s essentially time to add a little life into our wardrobe. For Spring and upcoming Summer, I’m looking for clothing and fabric that has some personality and movement. According to Style. Com, chiffon fabric and peek-a-boo veiling is on the trend report for Spring 2013. I have been eyeing this a lot, too. Chiffon is a perfect fabric and texture for the warmer weather that is hopefully coming up.

It flows, gives movement and provides an extra elegance to an outfit. (Veiled in chiffon. Natalie Raisin. , 2013) Comparing chiffon to organza is like comparing one sibling to another. Both fabrics come from the silk family but are usually combined with polyester or nylon. In appearance they can be very similar. Organza is used both in the decoration and construction of gowns. Silk Organza has a structured quality that allows it to take on 3-dimensional shapes, such as decorative flowers or high shoulder accents on a gown.

Organza’s luminous appearance allows the fabric to hold its own against other silks. Chiffon comes from the French word for cloth, which makes perfect sense because most things from France are gorgeous. This fabric wears very well and will keep you comfortable in warm weather for you outdoor brides. Chiffon also has light reflective qualities because of its fiber’s triangular-prism like structure. Both fabrics can achieve a subtle sheen or heavenly glow…… Whichever angle you decide to tell your photographer to go after that day.

Designers are creating gowns with intricate layers and rushing, and we are seeing more of these two fabrics popping up in bridal collections year after year. Organza and chiffon possess a sheer, lightweight quality that make gowns more wearable than the shoes you’ll end up kicking off 45 minutes in. These fabrics will move with you, float in the breeze, and shimmer in the sun. If you are going for a delicate and soft bridal look, you will most likely end up in organza or chiffon. (Bridal fabric breakdown 101: Chiffon VS… Organza. Erin Nicole. , 2010)

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