Grit: Success and Life

Grit by Angela Lee Duckworth Grit, it is the passion and perseverance for very long-term goals and having stamina. Grit is talked about in a way of saying that if you have a future, don’t give up. Sticking with your future day in, day out. For years of working really hard to make that future a reality is more than enough. Setting your determination to succeed in life will help you be a better person in life and to get where you want. Being successful in life is determined by the steps you take in life and the effort you put into your goal.

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Nothing is easy life, but by having the confidence and determination you can succeed with anything in life. Everything Just depends on you. Grit is explained in a motivational way to help many people out in the world. By doing well in either school, work or even life depends on much more than your ability to learn quickly and easily. Talent doesn’t make you gritty, there are many talented individuals but that will not classify you as being grit. Having a grown mindset will help you reach out more than expected. Failure will always be a key point in life.

Failure is not a permanent condition. You have to be willing to fail and to be wrong in order to start over again with lessons learnt. If you never fail in life you will never know what other opportunities you have in life and what it has to offer to you. Intelligence cannot be fixed but is something that can grow with lessons and experience. With life we need a better understanding of a motivation from a psychological person. Having a person motivate you can help build the self-confidence many eople need in life.

An individual to work hard and stick to their long-term passions and goals invest in things that they are good at. Every single person has the ability to learn the material if they work hard and long enough. The feeling and beliefs are as strong as they are and can change. A person can get better if they try harder; by helping make a tenacious, determined, hard-working individual. They way that the statement can be applied to my life and to my future is that I will never give up on my dreams.

If I desire something in life I have to be willing to do anything Just to get where I plan too. Life will always throw obstacles but by taking one step at a time you can conquer anything that you set your mind too. Life is about taking risk and getting to where you want too because at the end of the day there will only be one successful person and that will be yourself. You are your own success in life. Never give up. Mistakes happen every day. One failure can lead to your success. Grit: Success and Life By istephanieeee

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