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Industrialization is defined as the large-scale of introduction of manufacturing, advanced technical enterprises, and other productive economic activity in an area. In today’s world, many countries are becoming industrialized because it is a sign of power and wealth. Industrialization however, can have negative effect on the environment and living things that include factors such as overpopulation, pollution and bad business practices (greed). This is why a lot of people and organizations today are helping to promote better ways of doing business that will help reduce the active effects of industrialization. N One of the key concepts of industrialization as explained in the article Dying of Consumption? Voluntary Simplicity as an Antidote to Hypothermia’s is production. The more a company produces, the more profit it will gain, which means more consumption. The author states that materialism is the main reason for the recession that has hit America. According to him, the pursuit of self interest, also known as greed, has caused more harm to the society because everyone only thinks about their own well being and not of the environment as a whole.

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The problem is over consumption, people consume more than they need to. The USA spends more natural resources than any other nation in the world. There are several solutions to overcompensation and hypothermia’s proposed by the author, some which I disagree on. One solution is for consumers to make adjustments and move away from luxury brands and towards simple and cheaper products. Luxury brands do require use of more rare resources, however I also think it reduces consumption. A rich person can spend all their money on one luxury brand or on many inferior brands, it’s the same thing.

One requires more resources and the other more consumption. Another solution is less meat consumption. This is one of the cases of “easier said than done”. Yes, less meat is better for the environment, but farming livestock is easier and more profitable than farming crops. With crops you have to deal with protection from insects, fertilized soil and weather because certain crops grow during certain season. Meats also taste better than vegetables, and most people only go for taste. This is why a burger in McDonald’s cost one dolled while a salad cost five dollars.

The author states that even though people require money to take care of their basic needs, an increase in higher income do little to make a person happier once their basic needs are satisfied. Basically that money does not bring a person more happiness, rather it causes more consumption and materialism. I believe this to be true, however without incentives that include promotion and the opportunities for higher positions that pay more money, there really wouldn’t be any new innovations and changes that increases efficiency.

If everyone earned the same income there ally wouldn’t be capitalism, it would be more like a communist society. Even though to find ways to decrease consumption which in turn will decrease pollution and waste and bring for awareness to a society that focuses more on the environment than material goods. In order to decrease the negative effects of industrialization, more companies must become green businesses. Individual efforts can go so far, but businesses must set the examples for they are one who in public……. Not only is becoming a green business better for the environment, but it is also a profitable one.

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