Gender and violence

Overwhelming feelings of either fear, love, hate, revenge or Jealousy will always act as a door to the word of violence. Violent people have the vehement feeling to exert mental or physical damage against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of causing injury, death or psychological harm.

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With the analysis of the story ‘Killings” by Andre Dubs, Violence can be looked at in different angles to change the reader’s perspective, especially on owe women can be as violent as men and how it impacts both the male and female gender. Shining a light on the reasons to why certain violent acts are committed by a specific gender. Every man is engineered to protect his ego in one way or another. It’s every man’s dream to be dominant in the society.

Being an alpha male portrays better sense of leadership and a feeling of more self-control. For example, Matt feels like his losing his dominance when he cannot stop his wife Ruth from crying every time she sees Stout. This leads to Mat’s plan of vengeance and aggression against Stout. Aggression to a man may also act as a charm to get women, either through force or by procuring resources that would make them more desirable, and this is one of the reasons to why most men are violent especially around the opposite sex.

We cannot forget the fact that genetically men are built to be warriors, with less emotion attached, so much that a man may have no remorse committing a violent act. This behavior can be seen in the story “Killings,” where by “Stout came in the rent door and shot Frank twice in the chest and once in the face with a 9 mm automatic. Then he looked at the boys and Mary Ann, and went home to wait for the police” (100). His actions tell as that he had neither regrets nor fears for his actions.

Matt and Stout are men of different class and value, yet they both end up portrayed as violent men. This tells as that man can only take so much pain before he shuts down his humanity. Every man has a breaking point, for this is the point of no reasoning and only violence may act as a solution. A woman is a body full of motions running down from her veins right down in to her bones, and because of this, most of the time she is considered to be the fragile gender in the society.

Driven by emotions, women have never been considered as a violent gender, but as time goes by this has gradually taken a different course, and they are becoming as violent as men. •some data shows that while men are more likely than women to use physical aggression overall, rates of physical aggression within the context of dating and marriage tend to be similar for men and women, or that women are even more keel to commit domestic violence against a partner” (Sex differences in crime).

For example in the story “Killings,” the writer is shows how women have changed from the weak and defenseless beings in to a physical aggressive gender. “Remember that woman about seven years ago? Shot her husband and dropped him off the bridge in ten Merrimack Walt a unread-pound sack AT cement Ana salad all ten way tongue It that nobody helped her” (97). The term “sexual liberation” may explain such violence in the females; it is when a woman tries to behave more like a man. Taking a man’s sections in the house hold, this gives her more control of her life.

In conclusion, we can agree to the fact that both genders are violent. Men commit most of the physical violence, driven by rage and the need to prove ones dominance. Females are not necessarily less hostile, but that they tend to show their aggression in more concealed and less physical ways but may display more verbal and relational aggression than men. Researchers say humans seem to crave violence Just as they do sex, food, or drugs. Men tend to enjoy and cope with the results of violence better Han women.

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