Gaining wisdom from suffering

Pain and foolishness lead to great bliss and complete knowledge, for Eternal Wisdom created nothing under the sun in vain. ” This quote is by Kali Gibbon, and the meaning behind this quote is very powerful and relates a lot to Oedipus Rexes in the idea that people do indeed gain knowledge through the grief and suffering pain experienced in life. Sometimes we try to push out or hide the from the pain and at the end we come to encounter that there is no way of hiding rather than to Just bear he pain because it will lead to something bigger and better.

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We can only learn from our mistakes and grow from them because the cause of any particular kind of mental pain is seen and its elimination from the mind then becomes easy. The thought which created the deed that produced the pain, is now gradually reduced in strength, and in the frequency of its recurrence until it at last disappears entirely from the mind and life, with that, each pain that we experience comes out as an advance in knowledge.

When we experience pain we come to learn from It, an example of this would be in Oedipus Rexes, The main character Oedipus (king of Thieves), experiences a horrific tragedy when realizing that he had killed his very own father after being a greedy fool, when he discovers this he feels stupid and embarrassed, shortly after he encounters another tragedy that his wife isn’t who he thought she was, his wife turns out being is his biological mother and the children they have created are actually his siblings.

When he realizes this he feels so much frustration, shame, misfortune, and itty for his children. He could not bear the embarrassment therefore in grief he stabs out his own eyes. He is now not only blind mentally, but physically. Oedipus, being the great and powerful king he is continues on ruling as king. This is an example of something gone terribly bad, that turns into an experience we can look beyond and discover that within pain comes knowledge, with hurt comes a lesson thought Just like when we learn from our mistakes, something good will eventually happen after the bad.

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