From the details to prolong the service life of rubber joint

Details determine success or failure, from the details to extend the service life of flexible rubber bellows expansion Joints, reducing costs, flexible rubber Joints in the pipeline construction should pay special attention to these details: 1, pipeline construction, must be allowed in a natural state, not artificial in installation products produced artificially deformed; 2, when the pipeline medium is acid, oil, heat, and other special materials should be chosen higher than the working pressure of a pipeline stall Joints; 3, the normal temperature for the medium is 0-60 0 C ordinary water, special media such as: oil, acid and alkali, high temperature resistance and hard texture, and other circumstances, should be used in relatively resistant materials deserve special rubber Joints, not blindly use string or universal. 4, when the pipe displacement greater than the maximum compensation amount equal joints, should increase the number of Joints parallel displacement, non-tolerance in order to adjust the pipeline, in the limits of the Joint displacement and deflection aviation status, but can not exceed the limits. The common sense of rubber Joint products There are two rubber Joint flange and a sphere composed of forged and cast steel flange has two kinds of forging better than steel. There are two general rubber sphere process: die hard mode gas. Inflatable’s good number of options when according to their actual situation.

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If it is used to pay attention to their own benefit, it is recommended to use steel gas mode, if it is a big project requirements are elatedly high, it is recommended to use forged gas model. A few years ago are made of cast steel die, less demanding time, this can also be used. Flexing synthetic rubber joints have two integral flanges and a rubber ball, the device also comes with a limited bit stopper bolts and nuts. Small diameter rubber Joints require specialized tools such as crowbars and skilled technicians can get on the cover; Large diameter is relatively simple: the rubber sphere flattened into two parallel flanges inside, after the release, automatic bounce sphere.

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