Freedom Mean To Me

Freedom!!! Freedom!!! Freedom!!! What a great word to describe life, to describe the air that blows threw the great valley, to describe birds. All these are symbols of freedom. Why you may ask? Why life well because in life they give you the freedom to choose who and what you are going to become as a person. To choose is a form of freedom, because in the past you were not able to choose what you wanted unless you were of the white race. Also the air that blows threw the great valley because no matter how much you try to stop the wind from blowing it’s still going to blow.

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This symbolizes freedom because although people are trying to stop you from doing what makes you happy or have the right to do, you have the right to pursue happiness. Another great example is birds. Have you ever seen a bird in the open? A flight off bird in my opinion symbolizes Freedom. Why you may ask? For many reasons they symbolize freedom because they are able to fly as high as they want to for as long as they want to through were ever they want to and the list goes on these are examples that came up to my mind as I was thinking of freedom from a general stand point.

In the story, it was said indirectly that Mrs…. Millard was not happy with her marriage. One can infer that through death Mrs…. Millard was able to attain the freedom she desired because she no longer had to follow the rules of the nineteenth century society. It can be inferred that Mrs…. Millard was an average housewife of the nineteenth century. She was a woman that wanted to have the independence that unfortunately women were not able to have in the sass. Women of the time were not allowed to go to school, not allowed to get a Job, and were expected to do coursework such as cooking and cleaning.

In those times men had complete control over the money rending a woman from having the option of running away. It would have been senseless to run away since food and shelter were provided by the husband. The only way a woman would have been able to get out of a marriage was if their husband died or if they themselves pasted away. Death was the only way Mrs…. Millard was able to acquire true freedom she craved. Death allowed her to be free from unfortunate life style women were forced to have at the time. She no longer had o wait on her husband’s hands and feet like a nineteenth century woman was expected to do.

She did not have to put up with by the rules of the nineteenth century society. Mrs…. Millard became the woman she wanted to be, a true independent woman. In conclusion, freedom is a natural right that humans are born with. Nothing should threaten our freedom or deprive us from our right. In addition, our right of freedom must never harm any other human being directly or indirectly. We must respect freedom of everyone in today’s society. This way we can enjoy our freedom through our life. Freedom Mean To Me By bedrooms

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