Football Essay

Sports not only shows the athletic ability of an individual or team, but teaches valuable life lessons. I learned a lot from playing football from 8th grade through my senior year. It teaches life lessons that everyone needs; how to follow directions, in learning the plays, how to listen to my peers and learn from them. As I became the older teammate, I had to be the leader and teacher, to show dedication and determination to practice every day and help my team.

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TTS Showing up at practice on a daily basis wasn’t easy, but the love for the game made it worth it. AS Practice every day after school was hard to do. Practice taught me how to be persistent. ss AS Practice also taught me, you have to do things you don’t want to do sometimes. AS Determination is a big life lesson that football teaches you. AS Determination comes from your heart and your mind, to do something incredible. AS You have to have the determination on the field, weight room, and the classroom.

CSS Being a student athlete, coaches and teachers set me on a higher standard to make me better. TTS Football also teaches the lesson of listening. AS A life lesson football teaches; I had to learn how to follow directions. AS I had to learn the plays, by repetition, and by listening to my peers. AS I also learned to do whatever coach told me to do, much like getting a Job do whatever the manager asks. AS I learned to listen to my peers and learn from their knowledge. AS I looked up to the older players for advice and tips on how to get better.

AS When I moved into hat same role as a Captain I had to teach the younger kids what Vive learned. CSS Football is a great sport to quickly be determined to do something and listening in detail. TTS Dedication is also a valuable lesson that football teaches you. AS Dedication comes from within. AS You have to have the dedication to go to practice. AS You have to have the dedication to work hard at all times. AS Not only on the field do you have to have dedication, but also in the classroom. AS Being a student athlete, you are a student first athlete later.

AS You have to do your homework and also practice hard. CSS Dedication comes upon you, you can’t make a kid have dedication that’s why some kids quit. Conclusion: Football is something that will always be close to my heart. As you can see it taught me a lot of valuable life lessons and there are more than I listed. I The game of football is the only sport that everybody has to be on the same page at the same time for everything to go smoothly that’s why I love this game and the life lessons it teaches you is Just icing on the cake.

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