Food and Raspberry

RASPBERRY Raspberry is a fruit with a lot of vitamin and very useful for today, it can mix it with every food, very helpful for your skin, also your health. Many people likes the way it feel and it taste. It relate to the rose family and it interesting plan, even very interesting to connection. My favorite also is raspberry. Raspberry is red, exactly is light red. There are also other types including black, yellow and purple raspberries. It has the green leaf on the top, as the hat. It looks smaller, and softer than strawberry.

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You may see it grow up and plan everywhere, on the street road or maybe at the park. Raspberry is easy to eat, that taste sweet and sour, and it melt in your mouth. It has furry and grainy texture, and kind of smooth. The feel when you swallow it that you may not describes it, it make you want to try it again. It is highest level of nutrition when they are eaten fresh. The raspberry leaf tea tastes like regular tea. Raspberry is very useful for our health, because it have a lot of nutrition. Today, raspberry is uses for many foods or mixed with many things.

It have a bright color, so he people use it to decorations for their pancake or birthday cake. They use it for ice cream or even yogurt. Raspberry today is very popular; it is one of high level of nutrition of fruit. You can use it fresh for snacks of after daily meals. Moreover, the raspberry leaf is very useful; you can use it with tea or use it for cake. Finally, Raspberry is a popular fruit today, also it has high nutrition, and even the leaf is useful, too. If you never try it before, then you should try it. You should not say “no” with the high nutrition like Raspberry, and you may love it like me.

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