Fiela’s child

Reference: She herself had much to do. The white rooster had to be slaughtered, she had to knead and bake pan-bread, for the child had to take enough food with him to last till Saturday… She was not hungry but she kept on eating because Benjamin was watching her as if to make sure that she was not upset. (Matthew 61) Explanation: The reference to food within this passage characterizes Field as worrisome and melancholy about Benjamin leaving.

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The way that she is peeping herself busy by doing all the cooking and making preparations for his departure is one aspect of how she truly cares for Benjamin. Her list of what she has to do is also a way of to keep her mind off of what will be happening to Benjamin or at least a way to hold back her emotions. This is further expressed by the way Benjamin is watching her carefully, looking for any sign of disturbance or hurt. Foster’s idea of eating in this particular scene is seen through the way emotions are expressed through Benjamin and Field’s actions

Pig. 117 Reference: She got to know every short across the mountain. She saw the road with its dry stone walls grow and she saw Selling break under the stone. The food alone could not save him and he had to share every crumb with however was in chains with him… When she took food to Selling again, she put a note between two slices of bread telling him about the child, hoping that the man with him in chains would be able to read. Explanation: Within this passage of the text defines Field as being determined and it wows her unconditional love for Selling.

This is supported by the way she had gotten to know the mountains and how she has watched Selling get warn down and tired from the work he is doing. The note in between the two slices of bread emphasize Foster’s indication about how eating expresses some sort of communication. The other part of scene shows how Field has strong-minded and made sure to tell Selling about important things that may have happened and how she cares for him.

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