Fault in our Stars Book Talk

Her parent’s decide to send her to a cancer support group where teenagers meet and discuss about their lives with cancer. Stubbornly, she agrees to go, opening the doors to a impolitely different life. At the support group, she meets an attractive boy named Augustus Waters, a former basketball star whose leg was amputated due to cancer. Throughout the novel, Augustus and Hazel grow closer and closer, developing an inseparable relationship.

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In a short amount of time, their lives turn upside down; through seemingly endless hospital stays, to traveling abroad. In spite of the typical predictions of a story about a teenager with cancer and a “crush”, unlike any other book with similar characteristics, The Fault In Our Stars is filled with unpredictable and Jaw-dropping scenes. One scene after another, I was astonished by the dramatic chain of events. This captivating book taught me Just how one person’s misfortune can have an effect on many others.

Additionally, this novel taught me to always have an optimistic outlook on life, despite of tough obstacles that l, and others, may face. John Green’s beautiful writing made me feel as if I were a part of Hazel’s life. Experiencing a powerful, contrasting range of overwhelming happiness and laughter, as well as striking heartaches, I couldn’t stop flipping the pages to see what would happen next. The suspense was so intriguing. It is the most realistic, fictional book I have ever read. In the world today, there are many people affected by cancer.

In this novel, you can see how hard life is for teenagers at such a young age to deal with the hardships of cancer. However, this book also shows that even for people with cancer, the sky the limit. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is willing to go onto an emotional roller coaster ride of humor, romance, and tragedy. What holds the responsibilities of the tragedies of fate? Is it true? Does the fault lie in our stars? Or does it lie within ourselves? Grab and read the book to find out!

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