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NOV-25-13 Obesity In America As obesity rate in the US is in steady incline, child obesity is one of the most alarming concerns in our society where 17% kids in America are obese. According to James O. Hill, physiologist at the University of Colorado’s Health Sciences Center, child obesity has double up in the last twenty five years which society should take seriously. I recently found out that the US is the second country with the fattest people in the world followed after Mexico which personally IVe been sharing both cultures in my life.

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A lot of people in America are blaming the epidemic problem in obesity in hildren to fast-food industries, government, schools and so on, but I believe the real cause of child obesity are the parents, because they allow their children to eat unhealthy, fat, processed and fast food; Also the parents are the role model for children, what parents do their children will do so parents have the control over their kids.

Parents are the ones that contribute a good or bad influence in the children behaviors in order to develop good eating habits and prevent child obesity and I also believe that parents have to set boundaries because they are giving too much reedom to their children, allowing them to use excessive amount of time on television, video games, smart phones and computers, instead of getting their children involve in exercise activities. Parents are allowing children to eat unhealthy food, not playing a good role model and letting them watch and play too much media.

In my opinion parents are the primary responsible for child obesity. I remember my self-growing as a kid going to the open market place with my family and buying a great variety of healthy and fresh produce, it was fun; my mother would cook wonderful fresh, healthy and delicious meals during the day and sharing t with all the family together sitting at the table where my parents supervise our eating habits and enjoying the food at the same time.

My father will not allowed us as a kids to drink sodas but instead (Aguas Frescas) which in English translate fresh water which is natural fruit blended with pure water. There are a great variety of healthy food options and not necessary expensive, but parents need to be conscious and take responsibility as well take the extra step to what is going to their children mouth, parents are the most part, the ones who feed their children. Very often times, arents don’t know what children have been eating in school so instead of giving money to children to buy food at school, parents should pack home made lunches.

There are many ways how parents can prevent child obesity and one is not allow children to eat fast food only in rare occasions. I am not saying that parents have bad intentions to feed their kids with unhealthy food, but society and government has to realize that there is a big amount of ignorance and also a lack of education from the parents so it needs to be resources like education provide it to parents in order to hem be aware that child obesity is a problem who everybody looses.

Parents play an important role in the development of children food habits so setting good or bad examples as a role model would be determine for the shape of habits for the children growth, Kids naturally follow parent’s examples. I remember while I was growing up as a kid, I used to copy what my parents do all the time, if my parents eat something in particular, I would natural eat it too. I remember one of my father bad habits was to eat late, a habit that I developed my self and I still carried my self in the present days which I trying to break.

It is hard to teach good eating habits specially when both parents are working that is when fast food becomes handy, it is fast, cheap and very accessible, but parents are the persons in the house who purchase the groceries and consequently are the ones to cook the meal when they can, but the most important thing is that the parents need to know is how to behave around food in front of their kids.

If parents control what food to serve or what not home made food to buy to their kid sit would have a big impact in their kids daily life and future, there for if parents start eating healthy, later their children will follow their examples. A lot of the time parents believe that Just by having something in their children stomach it would be sufficient enough to their kids to grow normally, but not knowing the social, health and physical implications that child obesity would involve and generate, it would be a disease that the children it will carried to the adult hood so being a god role model parent can prevent child obesity.

One of the biggest problems that exist in the American childhood generation is the excessive use of video games, television and technology. Todays kids are spending a long periods of time playing and watching video games and television ausing them to be inactive and becoming lazy individuals and if we add a snack on top of the equation it will worsen the problem. The accumulation of energy in the kid’s body that isn’t being use, it will store in the body as a body fat.

I have seen an enormous variety of video games being advertised all over the media, which it causes the kids to crave for the newest videos in the market. In my generation as a kid I was more active, we played outside with my friends playing a physical and more creative games, despite of all this, as a kid I want to sit down in front ofT. V for hours, but I didn’t because it was not allowed by parents. My parents were setting rules and boundaries all the time, which I believe that are good examples to help to prevent child obesity.

Child Obesity rate has been increasing dramatically over the last Thirty years, children between the ages of 2-5 have doubled it and children of age 6-11 years old has triple. The consequences has been devastated not Just physically but social and psychological, obese children are more likely to suffer in their life from low self stem, depression and anxiety which usually children carry on through out their adulthood, which results they feeling segregated from society.

Another consequence of child obesity is the severe medical conditions that would develop during the course of their life like: Type II diabetes that is very common in obese children. Another physical condition is that “An obese child who becomes an obese adult also has an increased risk of cancer” stated in 2001 by the American Cancer Society on the Greg Critser article “Fat Land” (146). There are many other medical conditions as a result of being obese like sleep apnea, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, glucose intolerance and so on.

There is no question in my mind that parents can prevent and combat the pidemic disease of child obesity because parents are the primary people that the children relate and grew up during the first years of their life so the influential of good or bad eating behaviors will be determine and essential for the kids growth whether or not to become overweight or obese so it is very critical that kids from an early age get educated and learn what is good or bad for their body, there for in order to eradicate the problem of child obesity in this country, parents need to take action now and learn to nurture good examples to their children in the best way they can.

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