Family values

I have read with the interest your overarching and all-encompassing observation regarding the drastic changes in family values, which appeared in yesterdays edition, though I would like to share some of my own ideas and views on this subject. I do not wish to sound ambiguously and defensively, nevertheless I have few convincing remarks concerning your views. As you decidedly pointed out in your letter, family values have changed for the worse and most of teenagers are doing nothing but gazing around, however I dare to disagree with you at this point.

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Naturally, not only has family values changed over the past decades of years, but also the whole way of lifestyle and social environment within and beyond family have been altered. The technical and industrial progress inevitably led human beings to modernization and facilitation our domestic chores, enhancement of organization and durability improvement. I see no reason why it merits your claim “change for worse”.

There is o need to spend lots of time cleaning, washing the dishes, ironing or calculating whatsoever – nowadays we have vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and computers. I see you’re comparing contemporary teenagers with yourself 40 years ago, which might seem not so long ago yet it is. The blow of technology epoch modified the values of all people regardless their status or age. That’s why present- day youngsters have much more time for mischievous behavior, socializing, hanging around and merely things they want to do.

However the more industrialization here occurs, the more demand for specific knowledge appears. It’s my belief that students study harder comparing to previous generation. There is a tough system of attendance and evaluation, and there is no way to make an excuse because of bad weather, lack of information etc. Of course, there are always insolent and indolent children who take everything for granted and dawdle but it does not have any connection to modern family values – in my opinion, that’s Just personality, which one might have.

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