However, in this day and age, social media has aided in the lack of personal contact the public has with each other, resulting in poor communication skills. Nowadays when you think of communicating with loved ones, there is the phone, mail, face to face contact and Faceable. This social media website has opened doors to long distance communication. If your friend in California posts a picture, you see it right away instead of waiting for the mail service to deliver it days later. Many some that offer exclusive “Faceable Discounts”.

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Another great feature is the reminders of birthdays and events, such as a baby shower or Marci Grass party. Its great to invite everyone at once and get a response from each on one page. According to Mikado et al. , (2010), the argument is that online communication may help adjustment because young people can use online communication as yet another place to interact with existing friends and meet others. Communication on the internet and face to face are two different behaviors, but how do you know when the line is crossed? Faceable and Communication 3

Michael Bogeyman, the President of RPR Solutions published an article that says many people feel that Faceable can cause increased antisocial tendencies, because people are not directly communicating with each other. Especially in teens and young adults, there is an obsession of Facilitating others’ profiles instead of using face to face communication. There seems to be a lacking verbal communication trend, also. Many teenagers and adults speak to each other like they are typing something. Lol and OMG are some of the examples of the modernized language.

Unfortunately, impel spelling is being forgotten. We send our children to kindergarten to learn how to spell and by 12-14, they are spelling you as U, your as our and are is r. There are tons of abbreviations to words on Faceable. It is like a new language has been created. Due to this spelling issue, many children are getting lower grades in school. According to the United Kingdom news site, Telegraph. Co. UK, teachers believe that abbreviations used on Faceable, Twitter, etc. Are making their way onto students’ homework, tests and write ups and its hurting their grades.

A lot of real life communication is based on verbal acts and body language. Many students and their peers are losing the ability to socially interact, face to face. Pretty soon, they will not be able to read others’ body languages. Faceable started out as a website dedicated to student to student interaction. It has become such a distraction to students’ social lives. Also, 4 a lot of students are potentially getting poor grades due to multitasking, trying to study while “Beckoning”. Future employers will be witnesses to employees who do not know how to communicate successfully.

They will not be able to hold a conversation, make eye contact, etc. There are movies made that are based in the future and it shows everyone sitting in front of a computer, with computerized clones running around. That is a scary yet realistic future if we don’t step back and realize that social media is hurting us. In conclusion, Faceable has its pros and cons. However, when it comes to communication skills, there are more cons. Verbal and non verbal communication are lacking, in the real world. Many people don’t go out for coffee with friends; they hose to interact over the internet instead.

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