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This topic we will give a speech in the class which is talking about the protestors in order to protect the environment was destroyed that cause conflict with the government and companies. Our group use coal-seam gas as an example to describe the issue threatening the environment. The basic knowledge of coal-seam gas will introduce in the beginning of the speech. Two case studies respectively describe people who through do some radical behaviors to anti someone to damage the homeland. Prevalent conflict theories explain the emergence and resolution of inflicts by Bob Orrin’s story and Tasmania Dam Case.

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According to Marx (1859), economic exploitation leads directly to political oppression, as owners make use of their economic power to gain control of the state. The two main groups in conflict theory are based on the economically privileged group and economically submissions group. Through protestors do some radical actions the problem has been solved in Tasmania Dam case while it is doesn’t work in Bob Irwin case. Bob Irwin has copped a $300 fine for refusing to comply with a police instruction.

Pool (1985) states that, people can reduce the intensity and extent of deviance through reform. Burton (1988) further notes that, conflict resolution is, in the long term, a process of change in political, social, and economic systems. The only solution is supported by third parties who act as facilitators and not authorities. Class activities will reflect in the group discussion and analysis the conflict theory in second case study. Whole speech will use images, videos and ask the questions to interact with audiences.

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