Examining the Irish Republican Army

Examining the Irish Republican Army Throughout history mass movements have contributed to changing the face of the world. Some most notable are that of the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. These movements and others like them have emerged as a result of the mistreatment of people, to preserve a group of people or propagate an idea or view. No matter the reason behind the start of the group, they all have one goal; the end result of every mass movement is to bring change. The mass movement that will be discussed is the Irish Republican Army, otherwise known as the AIR.

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The catalyst that caused its urination, a specific identification and analysis of the membership and the societal, religious, cultural, political, and national effect it had on people will be the main focus of this exposition. The AIR is a republican group that fought an armed campaign to end British reign in Ireland. Beyond that, they are also a nationalist and religious organization devoted to the integration of Ireland as complete and independent country. The AIR was organized by Michael Collins from remnants of rebel units. It was composed of the more militant members of the Irish Volunteers which dispersed after the Easter Rising in 1916.

After which, it then became the military wing of the Sin Feint Party (Irish Republican Party). So with the introduction of how they were assembled, it is clear that their goals are aligned with those of the Irish Volunteers and the Sin Feint Party. Meanwhile, referring to the question, “What was the catalyst that caused its formation? ” it is easy to identify that the Aria’s catalyst is connected to the dispersion of the Irish Volunteers during the course of the events of the Easter Rising. After which, Michael Collins began organizing the new army.

Nevertheless, it is safe to say that the Irish Volunteers and the AIR share the same catalyst. What is more, is that without the former the latter would not have been able to gain the momentum needed to get the movement started. The Irish Volunteers were a paramilitary organization which was given life by the Irish Nationalists in 1913. Beyond that, the goal of the Irish Volunteers was to “Secure and maintain the rights and liberties common to the whole people of Ireland. ” In fact, this goal was similar, if not the same, only worded differently to the Irish Republican Army.

Beyond that, they were also established to enforce the imminent Home Rule Devolution. Act. Now, these Volunteers were formed in response to the formation of the Ulster Volunteer in 1913. The Ulster Volunteers were founded by Protestant Unionists in the north. Indeed, their goal was to stop the enactment of the Home Rule Devolution. Act. Incidentally, the Ulster Volunteers were mainly against the Irish Volunteers because they consisted of Catholics that wanted to be independent from British rule. Meanwhile, the Ulster Volunteers wanted to stay under British rule (Irish Volunteers).

In brief, the Irish Volunteers exist to help keep the liberties and rights common to all people of Ireland by enforcing the Home Rule Devolution. Act that the Ulster Volunteers were fighting to abolish. However, during the events of the Easter Rising, the Irish Volunteers were forced to disband. After their end, Michael Collins and a few other remnants took up the mantle and refrained themselves the AIR. At first glance, it would seem as though the AIR only exists because of the disbanding of the continuing on their goals. In order for any mass movement to be successful, they just acquire a following.

In most cases, the adherents of all mass movements share like qualities. As a case in point, Eric Hoofer discusses these qualities in his book The True Believer. According to Hoofer, people of lower socioeconomic status and the many subassembly associated with “the poor” are usually among those who are likely to Join these groups. Next are the “misfits”, both temporary and permanent members of the group. Furthermore, he goes on to explain that there are also the “inordinately selfish”, “ambitious who face unlimited opportunities”, “minorities”, the bored” and the “sinner”.

All of which share similar traits that could also be identified as weaknesses (The True Believer). Many people have Joined the AIR because they believe they are fighting for what is right. It is also true that some really feel that they deserve the liberties that they are fighting to preserve. However, it is safe to say that many of the people who have Joined the AIR or any other mass movement because they are lost. No doubt, they lack acceptance and/or direction. On the other hand, some lack the opportunities needed to step into a place where it is possible for hem to prosper.

It is sad, but these people blame others for their lack of success and become frustrated with society and the system. This makes them prime recruits for mass movements such as the AIR. In life we are presented with many obstacles. Be that as it may, we must choose to face those obstacles or wait and hope that someone will fight our battles for us. Certainly, the AIR felt it was their duty to take a stand against the British. The British had intruded on their land and forced them to be subject to their rule, much in the same way that they did during the start of the United States.

Unfortunately, it seems that both parties have yet to realize that war and mayhem devalue the basic concept of the country, which is to provide an environment filled with self-respect and peace for the people living there. Of course, the chaos there has had a negative effect on the religion, culture, people and especially the politics of the country. Members of the AIR are of both Catholic and Protestant descent. They are also a formation of volunteers, as explained on therapists. Com. On the website, they go on to explain how the volunteers Join. Surely, their theory backs up what Eric Hoofers says in his book True Believer.

In particular, they both explain that many of the followers are vulnerable mentally and emotionally. In addition, all of the volunteers are of the same religious background. This fact points toward the cultural aspect of the movement. The culture descends through its Catholic and Protestant beliefs, as well as through its political views. Since, these are the two most prevalent aspects of the group. The simple fact that two religions are part of it affects the movement. Likewise, in the movie The Wave, any people developed friendships while aligned with one another in a group.

However, one disagreement changes that and religion is a main factor in this group especially. As a result, the differences that are present in the religious beliefs possessed by the members of the AIR posed a threat to them internally. However, the violence that occurred between them and the British caused much more turmoil (Their Irish War). The main influence contributing to the negativity in Northern Ireland is the simple fact of war. In fact, war plays a large part in the decline and extraction of all aspects of their society.

Consequently, there have been families attempt to gain freedom helped destroy a lot of homes and families. In like manner, this shows perhaps that religions in the past had to deal with many outbreaks and mass movements. Politically, Ireland contains citizens with two opposing views; because of this the country was split. All for power would be another extent of this. It is true that mass movements are one of the main contributing factors that have changed the course of history. However, it is hardly a smooth road on which they march. The AIR has been fighting to liberate Ireland from living under British rule.

It is true that the group appeals to those who are looking for somewhere to belong, for many different reasons. Some of the adherents are lonely; some are bored with nothing else to do and some actually do believe in what they are fighting for. However, they all are missing something inside of themselves and are looking to an outside source to fill that void. In fighting for freedom the AIR has had negative effects on the country, their economy, society and culture. Sometimes, it seems as if this movement will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal.

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