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Internationally, Indonesian Ministry of Industry (Para’s Magazine, 2012) noted the value of the transaction Muslim fashion sector has reached IIS$ 96 billion, or equivalent to RPR, 820. 99 trillion of Malaysia, Turkey, Brunet Tarantulas, United Arab Emirates and other countries in Middle East as the largest importer. Therefore with the largest Muslim population in the world and with the rich culture of various tribes in archipelago, Indonesia potentially become the largest supplier of fashion clothing for the Islamic market. This potency can be utilized to form the image of the other aloes in Indonesia.

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Shafer Profile Shafer trademarks are under APT. Shafer Lars Appears is one of the subsidiaries incorporated in Shafer Corporation that moves as the largest manufacturer of Muslim clothing. Besides Shafer as a former there’s Soya as its sister brand that address to middle segment with lighter design and budget conscious consideration. Soya has done product diversification through Soya Sears, Soya Cosmetic and Soya Music Factory. Shafer Corporation evolved significantly from a group of college students became a company with a number of employees reached about more than 000 people, 120 vendors, and 3000 craftsmen.

Shafer now has 22 independent showrooms in 15 cities while its sister brand Soya has 33 independent outlet, 42 partners outlet in 8 provinces in Indonesia. Shafer Corporation become a company that provide Muslim clothing and fashion trendsetters, dominate the national market especially middle to high market segments. Strategic Planning The challenge in this industry is the condition of market structure that in the monopolistic competition where there are many buyers and sellers, entry and exit are easy, and firm’s take other firms’ price as given (Salvatore, 2008).

Shafer Corporation is a growing companies that still develop system to run every business recommend : Strategic Planning to Functional Strategy Strategic Planning To Functional Strategy Operational Strategy Focus on cost efficiency in operational business process Implementing Lean Management through AS strategy Developing standardization in every business process Financial Marketing Average annual sales growth higher than 20% over a business cycle Product innovation and diversification to grab multi market segment Focus on developing people through training and development growth 20% per ear through implement lean process in every line Channel distribution augmentation employee satisfaction index in order to build Customer oriented strategy through customer relationship management Human Resources engagement Team Consolidation To reach strategic planning goal a company need supporting from all employee so that building team effectiveness is the most important thing to be nurtured. As the company growth there will some changes in organizational structure where new comer with diverse culture and competencies entrance the organization.

Those are potential conflict to be occurred. In order to overcome those situations the strategic option for organization are based on Three Pillars of HRS Revitalization as describe below : Supporting decision BODY support Communication And Leadership Increase Competency Increase People Productivity BUDDHA KOREA hag enduring PERUVIAN Performance Management System HRS Role Company vision Team Engagement Based on current situations and in order to developing business, I recommend some strategy to build team engagement as describe below : 1 . Applies and builds appropriate knowledge, skills and experience Builds, applies ND maintains appropriate experience, skills and knowledge.

Where relevant to the position, maintains and demonstrates professional/technical qualifications or specialist expertise. 2. Nurtures internal & external relationships Builds and sustains relationships with a network of key people internally and externally. Understands who the stakeholders and clients are. Proactively offers assistance for a mutually beneficial relationship. Anticipates and is responsive to internal and external client and stakeholder needs and incorporates their expectations into performance standards. 3. Focus Strategically Understands the department’s goals and aligns team and individual performance expectations accordingly.

Considers the ramifications of issues and longer-term impact of own work and work area. 4. Builds departmental capability & responsiveness Reviews team and individual performance and focuses on identifying opportunities for continuous improvement. Identifies capabilities required to support performance. Remains flexible and responsive to changes in requirements. 5. Guides, mentors & develops people Encourages and motivates people to engage in continuous learning, and empowers them through delegation. Agrees clear performance expectations and gives timely Delivers constructive feedback in a manner that gains acceptance and achieves resolution.

Deals with under-performance promptly. Culture Development Based on Organization Culture by Competing Value Frame Work to be developed in this current situation and developing business Clan is the suitable culture because its concentrates on internal maintenance with flexibility, concern for people, and sensitivity for customers. Its embodied with the strategic planning to build internal improvement in overcoming internal and external turbulence. Based on Hypotheses Cultural Dimension, to be suitable with the current situation and developing business increase masculinity which emphasized to performance, success, and competition to face globalization in external organization.

Based on Dimension organizational culture model, the company should increase its adaptability through organizational learning, customer focus and creating change. Meanwhile emphasized its involvement also important through capability development, team orientation and empowerment. Industry Interest Fashion Industry especially Muslim Fashion Industry always make me interest. The paradigm of Muslim Fashion used to link with look stiff and old fashion. Need a major breakthrough to be armed with creativity that can deliver stunning design ideas but still adhering to Islamic Shari’s. In Muslim Fashion is not about in how to make your appearance fabulous by following the fashion trend but there are value of Islamic religious life and rule that have to obey.

As state in Curran the obligation for Muslims in dress, especially for women, Muslim clothing covering the body such as hair, neck, arms and legs. In Indonesia, Muslim fashion commence gets the most attention. Population of adherents of Islam in Indonesia amounted to approximately 85. 1% of 240 271 522 inhabitants (2010) (Wisped). It makes Muslim fashion industry became big interest to seen, it can be shown by the enormous emergence of online and offline store for Muslim Fashion. Shafer Corporation is the pioneer in Muslim Fashion Industry since 1989, Shafer able to take part in major markets and a general fashion in Indonesia and become the company whose initiate the mission in making Indonesia as the worlds’ Muslim Fashion Cabala.

Cooperation with Government (represented by the Ministry of Industry) and PIMP (Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneur Association). Indonesia also has a wealth of creative and intellectual that not optimally use in terms of design, fine crafting, ethnics and culture, garment, workmanship, etc. Shafer try to dig it and make it happen in a fashion which is a marriage of cultural wisdom with modernization. Mission 1 . Truly understanding the needs of customers (physical, emotional, spiritual & intellectual) 2. Being a company that provides welfare to employees, shareholders, BODY 3. Establish continuous relationship with partners (suppliers, banks, government institutions, franchise, distributor, agent) 4.

Improving the image of the company responsible for the acquisition of gain by “CHAFFS Value Dimension Integrity love s Service Excellence Heart Working Assertive Fun c Creative Improvement o Open Mind Corporate Culture Corporate culture is a system of shared meanings and common beliefs held by organizational members that determines, in large degree, how they act towards each other. The implications of culture is perception, shared and descriptive. Since its strategy are customer focus and the improvement of internal business process while increasing readiness to overcome internal and external turbulence as the implication room monopolistic competition in this industry.

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