Ethnic Conflicts in Lae City hinder economic activities

Conceptual Framework Modernization Arbitration Result Industrialization & Economic activities Ethnic conflicts & other Issues Economic hold back 3. Findings 3. 1 Analysis & Discussion • The main highlights of the findings are to know the effects of ethnic conflict on people and businesses in Ala city. • And the continuous of ethnic conflict in Ala city, would it result in permanently close companies. • Only selected three themes that relate to my research topic & the main research question. 1 . Effects of Ethnic conflicts on business houses and companies 2. Consequences of Ethnic conflicts 3.

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Continuous Ethnic conflicts in Ala city 3. Findings Effects of Ethnic conflicts on business houses and companies Effects your company face during ethnic conflict? Participants n=14 Effects 5 Production will decrease 9 will stop & lost of profits Do you think other companies affected by ethnic conflict? 100% n=17 Yes Questionnaire 10 3 Table. 3. 1 Table. 3. 2 No 3. 2 Consequences of Ethnic conflicts Effects of Ethnic Conflicts on the people Participants n=17 Public transportation stops, Orca schools, government offices, companies, shops and markets to close up Dead & Homeless 4 Riots, Looting & properties damages Table 3. Participants responses to the effects of ethnic conflicts Table shows that majority of participants have response that public transportation stops, forced schools, government offices, companies and markets to close up as a of ethnic conflicts. The prime minister’s announcement came as a 120-member police detachment from three mobile squads fought to restore order in Ala. Yesterday, The National independently confirmed five dead and 26 injured. However, he numbers of deaths and those injured could be higher with the prime minister’s official statement citing nine people dead. Could not be confirmed last night.

Many claimed police shot discriminatory and would not allow the wounded and dead past roadblocks to be transported to the hospital, claims which again elicited no response from the police. Many thousands of kina worth of properties, homes and businesses were damaged in the violence. Already Ala and surrounding areas had been declared a fighting zone with stringent control on the movement of people from November until January (Anal, 2011). 3. . Continuous Ethnic conflicts in Ala city • Do you think companies or business house will close down their operation in Ala City, if there is still continuous ethnic conflict?

Participant ant n-10 Strongly Disagree Neutral Graph 3. 3 Total % of responses from the participants Agree Table. 3. 3 Participants response to question about. 3. 4 Discussion & Analysis Effects of ethnic conflicts on business houses/companies The figures in the 3. 1 have shown that most of the participants (workers) have stated that ethnic conflicts affected their employers in terms company’s production drops & lost of profits. Only three have stated that company’s production have dropped.

Therefore, we see that when ethnic conflicts occurred business groups do close down their operation. That’s were production drops & profits lost . On the other table 3. 2 all the participants were given this question. 100% of responses have agree that other business houses/companies do affected by this issues. Most of the business houses/companies are all centre in Ala city. In Arbitration large number of rural people have migrate to the city. When ethnic conflicts arise it easily affected economics activities. Consequences of Ethnic conflicts n the people Table 3. Shows that majority of the participants have response that result of ethnic conflict most people face the problems of public transportation stops, forced schools, government offices, companies, shops and markets to close up. Few have stated that result in dead and homeless. Riots, looting and properties damages. The finds have shown that consequences of ethnic conflicts most people are been affected. One participants said that ” me and my wife used public transport to travel to, if there is ethnic conflict most public transport stops and my kids are been forced to stay home woo to three weeks without learning anything”.

Continues ethnic conflicts in Ala city Do you think companies or business house will close down their operation in Ala City, if there is still continuous ethnic conflict? President of Ala Chamber Commerce said that, “even though ethnic conflicts investors are still coming because of Ala location in the country’. As the center of economic activities in the county. More investment will coming into the city. Companies/ business houses wouldn’t close there are operation. To do a business you have to take risks for your business to be successful Momma,2011).

And also more people will still migrate into the city to seek for Jobs, involved in economic activities, good living conditions, etc. The finds have also shown that most participants strongly disagree that business house/companies wouldn’t close down their operation permanently in Ala city, because of continues ethnic conflict. We live in a Melanesian society were individual or ethnic groups has their perspective what they are doing and others apart from doing. This research will contribute towards understanding how ethnic conflicts could affect economic activities in Papua New Guiana.

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