Erderly should live in folks’homes.’

The elderly should live in old folks’ home. ” Give your opinion. You should write at least 350 words, illustrate your opinion with examples. Caring for the aged has recently been one of the main concerns among many individuals in today’s society. More and more individuals are choosing to send their elderly parents to old folks’ homes instead of living under the same roof as them. The debate has heated among the community today. There are people that agreed to this statement as well as opposed it.

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However, in my humble opinion, I think that the elderly should live in old folks’ home. Although the thought of placing a beloved parent in a nursing home likely inspires feelings of guilt, it can be a beneficial option for providing quality health care, ensure that the elderly are entertained and lighten the family burdens. First and foremost, there will be constant quality health care for our beloved one who lives in the old folks’ home. The old folks’ home offers round- he-clock care for the elderly who lived there.

There is an employment of nurses or nurse practitioners, and even recruitment of doctors that are supposed to on call at all times to ensure if there is anything accident happen to the elderly, immediate medication can be applied at the first moment. For instance, mostly the elderly today stay alone in the house while their son or daughter went out to work. If they fall down in the house, there is no one to help them up. For a man of aged 60, falling down can e a serious problem.

Therefore, it is wiser to have them put in old folks’ home, so their family can concentrate the Job on their hands without worrying their elderly parents. Not only that, diet of the elderly is also very important as taking in foods that are oily and too spicy will only affect their health. However in the old folks’ home, the staffs are alert of this problem, they will prepare different types of food according to their health state to ensure that they take in enough… [continues]

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