Equality essay

Joel Augustine Response to class exercise: Today in our group the task at hand was to build the tallest freestanding structure using spaghetti, tape, string, and a marshmallow. We only had 18 minutes to build it and the final measurement would be measured from the top of the desk to the marshmallow at the top. When the timer went off our group was silent. I guess everyone was trying to plan out how we were going to do this. I decided it would be best to start of by making a base for this structure. It felt weird to be the first one to put an idea out, but the clock was ticking down, and the pressure was intensifying.

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After we built to base, which was a tripod of sorts I started to see assurance in the face of the people in my group. In my head I only had one thought, I had to win, well my group had to win. So I was putting out idea after idea, and melding them with the ideas of the my teammates. When we had about 20 inches, I saw that the spaghetti was leaning to one side. That’s when one of my teammates, I won’t mention his name for his sake I’ll call him Y. V kept saying that this ideas was not going to work and he kept moving the base of our structure, it almost fell.

I got frustrated and told him to stop because I really didn’t want to lose. I told him to not touch it unless I tell him to move something. Even though I saw that it was leaning I decided what the heck we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing. And I became anxious when I saw the clock we only had about 8 minutes. We had enough time to come up with another idea put the pressure was too much. Then I decided to shake off the pressure, I had to, if we wanted to win. But it was too late. I was so caught up in myself and me winning I sort of blocked out what everyone around me was saying.

One of the people in my group suggested using the string and tie to the top of the structure and then tape it to the desk so that it would stop leaning. I weighed out the outcomes and to me it looked pretty good. But it was too late we had about 30 seconds and only enough time to put on the marshmallow and watch the entire structure fall to one side from the excessive weight of the marshmallow. I think the reason I didn’t listen to anyone about it leaning and soon falling was because I was so proud my plan, the plan I came up with was working.

Also I wanted he people in my group to think I was smart and had good ideas. So when someone pointed out a defect, I couldn’t stand for that. Also I didn’t come up with any new ideas because every time I looked at the clock the time was ticking down faster and faster. So my brain sort of paused and I couldn’t come up with anything to fix the problem at hand other than adding more spokes to the base. I wish I was able to clear up my mind. Maybe then I wouldn’t have freaked out about not having enough time and maybe I would have listened to what everyone else was saying. Equality essay By Joel-Augustine

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