Emilio wilson

Marten, as “Mill” was one of our few remaining local proprietors of historically significant estates. The majority of these estates were up until the beginning of this century homes of sugar- cane farmers. When sugar can ceases being a crop the land upon which it was grown was sold for residential purposes. The old plantation houses on the estates are relics of the times when the plantations were economically viable. They have all but disappeared or deteriorated o a foundation amidst the ruins of sugar mills slaves’ quarters and other buildings.

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Since many of the crops mainly grew in the hills, much of the hilly parts of the estates have been left untouched. However, as the population of our island increased and land available for the construction of homes became scarce, the hills gradually become more dotted with houses. The fertile hills of the Cul-De-sac valley where the majority of the plantations were situated such as Saunders and Betty’s Estate, South Reward and Benzene, have now become residential areas and the construction of ewe homes continues monthly Because of the fond memories he had of life on the estate and the role its former owners played in his life.

Emilio never sold any of the land of the 300 year old dwelling which stands on it, and which has been his home since he purchased it in 1948. Emilio estate is registered under the names of Estate industry and Golden Rock Estate. It is actually s merger of both these Estates and is located in the Cul-De-sac Valley. During this interview Mill was seated on his verandah, very obviously king of all he surveyed. In spite of his years, Mill was seated on his verandah, very obviously king of all he surveyed.

In spite of his years, Mill has the physique of a much younger man. He has a tall, lean and muscular frame. His walk is purposeful and upright: his movements graceful and almost regal. Mill is obviously a gentleman with class. His speech flows easily, articulately. He’s witty and as a great sense of humor. His memory seems endless and the vivid manner, in which he relates the life-style of the SST. Martens in the years gone by, enables one o almost feel as though one was being transported back to those times.

This is the reason why the anthropologist who have done research and published book or articles on SST. Marten, have consulted him during their research period and consider him one of their most valuable sources of information. However it is a pity that no one ever bothered to record the facts about Emilio Wilson himself. No one ever gave “Mill” credit for being one of the few who have been able to become a success in the SST. Marten before the economic development.

No one ever bothered to record “Mill” radar work and struggles, which were typically the hard work of our grandparent’s and great grandparent’s, who laid the foundation for the SST. Marten we know today. And judging by all of that has been constructed and is still being constructed on his foundation it definitely is a solid one. Our forefathers have never received credit for the booming economy the politicians boast of being responsible for today. In recounting part of Mill life story, we want to let everyone know we remember and that we ate grateful. Emilio Wilson By Enthronement

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