Emersons self reliance

Emerson Analytical Essay The essay of Ralph Wallow Emerson is a complete piece of artistic literature. Throughout the heart of the text, he elaborates on perspectives and ideas that many people would not even consider to think about. He talks about concepts that can still apply in today’s modern society even after so much change in culture itself. Overall, Emerson essay encompasses many thoughts and ways to allow one’s thinking ability to expand.

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Emerson states that you should listen to the voices inside your head, whether they are good or bad, because those voices reveal the person that you truly are on the inside. Your thoughts should not seem alien to yourself, even if the thoughts runs counter to one’s normal intuition, it is merely the person on the inside talking and possibly expressing their inner self. Emerson simply wants individuals to accept who they are and know that people should not be afraid of who they really are.

Another concept gleaned from Emerson essay revolves around how man would not limit himself. A man’s limitation is only set by his own particular actions. Man’s limitations were set upon him during his youth and were therefore instructed on how to think and act all due to various impacting societal norms. He was told to let go of mere foolish thoughts and actions instilled into his youth, because they were seen as being childish or improper. Man has also set his own limitations by attempting to blend, also known as assimilating, amongst society.

Emerson also attempts to show that the mankind is plagued by the restraints placed upon one’s self. Largely, man should never set boundaries on his mind and soul. He should feel free to think as he wishes, express as he desires, and dream in the manner which he or she sees fit; all without the Judgment of himself or the cruel views of society. Emerson theoretically Just wants people to begin thinking as they wish which will result in one becoming more open minded in everyday society. He wants our hearts and minds to be open to the creativity the world has to offer.

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