education system in US essay

education system in US essay BY sarnmte007007007 Education is one of the most important investments any country can make in its people. On an individual level, education not only gives us the knowledge of the world around us but also shapes our perspective of looking at the world around us. However, todays education system encourages rut learning more than independent learning contributing very less to developing this unique perspective of a student towards life. Independent thinking makes students more proactive learners rather than being reactive, passive or non-initiating learners.

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The first and the foremost bstacle in the path of an ideal education system is its commercial character. In todays capitalist economy every individual with authority Just strives to make profits out of everything. This is reflected from the enormous cost of education in colleges and the monumental prices of textbooks reprinted each year as new editions to encourage their sale. According to an article in The New York Times, “Nationally, 94 percent of students who earn a bachelor’s degree borrow to pay for education, up from 45 percent in 1993. These figures show the increasing cost of education and naturally increasing number of students in debt. Judging by these statistics, it is safe to assume that most of these students have to work the minimum wage Jobs as student-employees in order to pay for these debts. Thus, instead of investing their time and money in doing a Job of their passion the students are busy serving burgers in McDonalds. This has been an ongoing social practise now and has killed the roots of independent thinking and working for passion.

Thus, Just the mere commercialization of education and the higher costs of resources are making students passive and dependent thinkers. According to me, a vast number of courses n todays college degree programs in United States contribute very less to the understanding of the subject of an individual’s interest. Although certain courses like English and Mathematics are essential regardless of the major, some courses offer too less to appeal to a student’s interest.

New researchers have shown what educator had long intuited: Letting students pursue their own interest sharpens their hunger for knowledge. A foreign student majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has to rote learn the dates of wars that occurred two hundred years ago in United States makes no sense to me. Thus, sometimes due to lack of interest in a certain subject students often give up independent thinking and resolve to rote learning making it a habit. This kills the hunger for knowledge and thereby hampers a student’s complete potential growth.

A college degree is highly overrated. Many determined college dropouts who passionately worked towards their goals with the aim to pursue their interest have landed up more successful and happy than their educated counterparts. The best man to advocate this claim and one of my idols is Steve Jobs. His dropping out of college and taking a calligraphy class instead, which e found fascinating is the only reason that personal computers today have multiple typefaces and fonts.

In the commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs to the graduating students of the Stanford University, he recalled the decision of dropping out of college as one of the best he ever made as he could then begin dropping in on the classes he found interesting. However, this story does not devalue the importance of education but only supports the fact that independent thinking helps to make better career and overall choices than relying on education itself. Students ely too much on their college degrees to help them become successful and happy in their future.

This is a social norm that has to be broken and the emphasis on independent thinking in the education system can fulfil this cause. Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr Lim Kok Wing is the Founder and President of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology with presence across Europe, Asia and Africa is an emerging global brand name that has give education new perspective. By dropping old notions of how people should be educated, this university has stresses more on development f creative thinking that encourages intellectual freedom and free exchange of ideas.

This is what an ideal form of education system must reinforce. It is time to revolutionize the long established education system that focuses more on making us ideal employees rather than leaders. Independent thinking teaches students to be unconventional in their thinking and follow the path of creativity and innovation. It makes them unique in their own perspective and makes them independent and better prepared for the future. Imagine a world where everyone is driven by their passion and dream and the education system itself professes this action.

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