E-Business QRT Task

A hosted storefront solution such as NAVA Merchant would be the best solution for a small organization o implement. This solution is comprehensive and would supply the support, flexibility and customizable that a smaller organization would require (Nava Merchant, 2013). The solution would allow customers to search through products from animated side bar menus by category also allowing for filtered results (brand, type, price, size, etc. ) through the left pane of the website.

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A search feature will also be provided allowing a customer to search for products using keywords. Once search results have been provided, the storefront will show product pictures with brief ascriptions. Customers will then have options to compare products, view product details, add the item(s) to the shopping cart and add the item(s) to a wish list. The shopping cart will be savable and would accept payment from any of the major credit/debit card providers, Papal, Checkout by Amazon and Google Checkout.

During customer checkout live shipping information will be provided along with the ability to update item amounts, remove items and view subtotals, tax and totals. Customer account creation would be supported allowing for saved information for kick checkout and would also be required for saving products to the wish list and the shopping cart contents. BIB customer accounts will also be supported allowing product availability for BIB customers. Support for the storefront and shopping cart will be provided through the hosted storefront solution vendor allowing for 2417 access to customer support representatives.

The hosted storefront model would be the most cost effective alternative that would provide the needed features to successfully implement a successful shopping cart and e-commerce solution on the company website. Nava Merchant’s storefront solution can be implemented for $49. 95, plus tax, a month for the first year and $98. 95 from the second year on. This would include unlimited product listings, a domain name, BIBB of data transfer and 10 email accounts, but would not include customized programming, which would be billed at an hourly rate. (Nava Merchant, 2013).

Other plans exist that would increase the amount of email accounts, data transfers and customizable if needed for projected growth. AAA. Search Engine Various methods exist to implement SEE (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, tit no single method guaranteed to achieve top-level search engine result matches. It is widely unknown as to all the specifics on how search engine providers derive rankings and display search results. Because of the uncertainty on how results are derived from the search engines the use of a combination of methods is the optimal choice to complete a successful SEE campaign.

The use of proper keywords, website content, website design and link building optimization strategies is recommended in this instance. These strategies will be further investigated with suggestions on how they can be implemented. Keyword Optimization Strategy A keyword optimization strategy may be the single most important way of achieving SEE. Without proper keywords molded into the design and makeup of a website, search engine spiders, which evaluate web pages, would lack a way to index content from the website in the databases that are used to supply search engine results.

The selection of proper keywords should be a task left up extensive research and planning. Each keyword should make sense, match the industry and align with the organization itself. Generally multiple keywords are used to achieve greater search engine results. Areas to look at when selecting keywords include competition involved with the keyword, search volume, variations or misspellings of keywords and the use of general vs…. More focused or niche keywords.

With the organization in this scenario Just breaking into the online arena with limited resources a focus on low to medium competition keywords is recommended. Selecting high traffic, high competition keywords carries a prohibitive cost for smaller companies and does not guarantee top-level search results even when those costs can be met. Keywords such as ‘hardware’, ‘hardware store’, ‘hardware store near me’, tools’ and ‘propane’, according to research done with Google’s Toward tool set, are examples of keywords that would fit the criteria of low competition and match the industry and organization.

The combined average monthly search volume for these keywords on the Google search engine would be 257,100 (Google, 2013). This search volume traffic that has a good possibility to convert to sales. Website Content Optimization Strategy With assistance from a third party or done by the organization, quality content should be provided on the website to attract potential customers and increase search engine rankings. Quality content could come in the form of interesting do-it- yourself videos, tips for home fixes and maintenance and articles about home trends and ideas.

Relevant articles can be added to the website from other sources, with permission, but generally do not carry as much weight as original content. Providing useful tools such as an imperial to metric conversion calculator would qualify as useful and relevant content that could attract visitors and help to increase search engine rankings. Web Site Design Optimization Strategy Careful consideration should be taken when building a company website to integrate rewords into the proper sections during the design process.

It is common strategy to include the main keyword such as ‘hardware store’ in the title tag, HI header tag and in the first couple of paragraphs on the web page. Relevant keywords should also appear in Page titles, Meta descriptions, Meta tags, image labels, image descriptions, link text and in the URL of the web page. Care should be taken to not flood the website content with unnecessary use of keywords as this will be flagged as spam by the search engine spiders and will be ignored and could hurt the website ranking.

Source code placement should also be discussed with the web developer to ensure that the main content will appear closer to the start of the code so that search engine spiders can quickly find and index relevant information and keywords. A domain name with the keyword ‘hardware store’ should also be purchased. The domain name Www. Northwestwards. Com’ would be available according to the Goddard website (Goddard, 2013). Link Building Optimization Strategy Link building (popularity of a website) can take place in many ways, with a variety of results.

Some methods are seen to provide substantially more weight with the search engine provider rankings than others. Through link building a website can achieve higher traffic from the incoming links themselves and through the ranking that can be achieved from obtaining the incoming links. Links from websites that are popular and that have similar content to the linking website are weighted more heavily when it comes to search engine rankings. Acquiring the links usually comes at a premium.

The most cost effective way links can be built is through providing content to sites such as Wisped and the Open Directory Project. Providing content for a website of hat nature can result in a high level link as these content-based sites are weighted or ranked heavily with the search engine providers. Links can also come from commenting on blobs or a medium such as Faceable, where a Q&A session about home projects can lead to floggers and other web users reposting the content and providing links to the website.

Care should be taken to not provide irrelevant and spam content to any such site as this could result in lower rankings. Web users and search engines can easily recognize the spam and flag it. Another way to build links loud be to utilize the organizations long tenure and create an article about the distributed to any media outlets that would publish the article on the web. AAA. International Considerations Language With an estimated 47. 8 % Hispanic population in Solaces County according to the latest census reports, steps should be taken to assist in reaching this population more effectively (U.

S. Census Bureau, 2010). The entire website should have the capability of being translated into different languages as needed by the consumer. Microsoft Translator is one such tool that could integrate into the website and accomplish on demand translation of a web page. Another way to achieve translation on the website would be to purchase a program such as, Smarting, which would translate the content allowing for a mirrored Multilingual website to be created. This would involve having a tab at the top of the website that would switch back and forth between the mirrored sites.

Translation can also be completed manually by hiring a translator to convert content into the desired language and then providing the converted content on the Spanish version of the website. This method would be ere time consuming and would require constant maintenance. Spanish translated keywords should also be included in your Meta data for search results as content will be searched for in Spanish. Foreign Currency Foreign currency acceptance and exchange should also be built into the shopping cart and payment system if expansion takes business into the Central and South American markets.

The Nava Merchant storefront has the ability to provide international support through multiple currency integrations, international shipping integrations, controls to meet international regulations and the ability to supply prepare online stores for each country (Nava Merchant, 2013). Without a tool that could accommodate multiple currencies it would be difficult, if not impossible for an international consumer to make a purchase on the website. Culture Other aspects to keep in mind for the website, when adapting to an international environment, include cultural considerations such as religion, values, humor and morality.

Certain cultures may have negative connotations to a particular color while others may see a particular animal as sacred. Content and photography that is sexual n nature should also be carefully considered as many cultures where the Muslim religion is practiced find women who are not properly covered, according to their societal beliefs, offensive. Issues with website content can send mixed messages to an international market so an organization should always consider the positives and negatives of the content before posing it on the web.

This does not mean that every consumer will always be pleased and not offended by an organizations website. An organization should Just take caution as to not blatantly offend mass sectors of their international market due to ignorance. AAA. Online Customer Relationship Management CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can be achieved through the use of several available and common technologies. CRM can first be managed through the use of email technology. Email in the form of customer feedback and questions along implemented into the build of the website.

Website domain email accounts can be purchased with the domain space itself for a nominal cost or can be provided as part of a hosted storefront solution. The hosted storefront mentioned in the E-commerce section can provide email automation as part of its solution (Nava Merchant, 2013). Automated email distribution (purchase confirmation and shipping confirmation) can result from purchases on the website, newsletters and sales promotions. The combination of emails allows for organizations to manage customer relationships through continued interactions, targeted messages and personal feedback.

Web analytics will allow the organization to better respond to customer needs, trends and behaviors. Through click density analysis, click-through rates, page views, page views, session times, segmentation and metrics an organization can better understand why a consumer acts in certain ways when pertaining to the website. If information gathered from the website and advertisements is properly evaluated it will assist an organization with adjusting strategies, tactics and design to more intuitively respond to consumer needs.

Nava Merchant’s storefront solution has web analytics plunging that will assist in the capture and evaluation of data on the web (Nava Merchant, 2013). Social media interactions can allow for issue resolution, relationship building through continued communication and can help establish customer sentiment. The website can incorporate social media outlets on the homepage of the website with Faceable and Linked. Icons will be placed on the left side of the website homepage showing up as a toolbar that overlays the website and provide direct links to the organizations social media pages.

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