Durban port analysis

Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index, making it the highest ranked country in sub-Sahara Africa. Egg. With cost rising, firms will have to pay more, and the less they will receive for their exports. With higher cost, lesser probability to attract foreign investment in export activities. Higher cost will also increase the price of imported capital and thus reduce economic growth Establish a control over the transport infrastructures in the region as it is the main problem. Resolve the problem of high ad valor (tax) and weak logistic management

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Implement bilateral/multilateral agreements with neighboring countries to facilitate transit procedures and to increase bargaining power. Defining financial objectives for ports (Required return on investment), with a common policy on what infrastructure will be funded centrally vs… Locally Minimize bureaucratic intervention in port operations Needs to reduce the growing congestion and delays in the urban area. Needs to solve the truck movement problem. (Minimization of road congestion) Egg. Corridors to Sautéing Moneychangers) experiencing 3-err delays before gaining access to the ports. Address the delays and uncertainties on trade routes, reduce the loss, damages and deterioration of routes. Improve the safety of road transport and security of people along the corridors.

Create collective bargaining agreement with South African Transport and Allied Workers Unions (STATUS) and the United Transport and Allied Transport Union (TAUT) Needs to look into the impact of local emissions from ports to the inhabitants. (Minimization of pollution) 0 Needs to prevent social implications, reducing the risk of general strikes / civil disturbance. Egg. Durban being the worst performer, he environmental impact on the locals recorded is about 1 times higher than of that in Richard Bays and 10 times higher than of that in Angular Egg. In 2010, Transient workers went on strike for 2 weeks, demanding wage increases. Although the working shifts of 12 hours have been mooted, the relations with the workforce is still poor due to the prevarication.

Governments may require ships to utilize new technology to prevent air pollution while in port. Thus the pollution cost will be internalized by the emitters of the pollution and thus become an internal as opposed to an external cost of the emitters Rationalized port workforce, manage the social situation through re-training, early retirement, relocation allowance, etc. Set common recruitment standards, wage structure. Regulating port charges as required to protect the public interest Local Inhabitants – need to know about employment opportunities and their employability. Egg. The port of Durban performs a critical role within the city of Durban as an employer of people.

It services its own industrial and commercial region (the second largest in AS), in including the majority of Sautéing traffic and a significant amount of traffic for neighboring countries. The Port of Durban is the main economic force in Zulu-Natal province, providing over half of the provincial employment, income, and output. Expansion of port and improvements in port facilities and efficiency can attract more ships to dock at port More Jobs created for local inhabitants and hence lower crime rate. Consumers/tax payers – tax payer need to know if the tax income received by the government is really used on developing the ports and how are they used. Egg.

Current short term planning includes the transfer of operations from the Pier 1 Multi Purpose Terminal to the newly created terminal area at the Point Multi Purpose Terminal. This will allow the expansion of Durban Container Terminal onto the Pier 1 area and increase capacity to 1. 5 million containers per annum. Government needs to be transparent in revealing outlet of government spending. Quarterly reports on breakdown in government spending to be issued to taxpayers. Consumers of the port need to know the rules governing the port’s usage , port facilities available , port restrictions on ship size limit, kind of cargoes port can handle… Egg.

The port is well provided with a variety of public sector and private-sector Carolingian terminals, capable of accommodating reusable, liquid bulk, and dry-bulk and containers cargo. Piloting is compulsory and a helicopter-borne pilot service is provided by the port authority, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. For shipbuilding assistance the port is equipped with six identical Shooter-type tugs and one Niagara Z-peeler tug, the bollard pulls of which, vary from TTT to 39th. Operator of Port of Durban (Transient) keeps online site updated on the latest information on port development to keep Port consumers informed. Environmental groups – need to know if any expansion of the ports would harm the

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