Drinking Water and People

Over 783 million people do not have access to safe water and one child dies every twenty-one seconds because of a water related illness (water. Org n. Page). Imagine living in a village where clean water is rare and being healthy is lucky. In America we take clean water for granted everyday although there are millions of people in the world where having water is okay for them, whether or not it is clean. Imagine being put into one of those villages, most of the people are used to not having water and being sick.

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Most would never be able to live the life in which these people live every ingle day. There are several organizations to help clean the water and help make healthier populations. With all the water charities out there, Waterside’s mission is to provide clean water to over 27 countries around the globe. Waterside’s excellent reputation, their worldwide outreach, and the way they use their finances all make this an effective organization in meeting the needs of the people it serves. First off, Watered is an effective charity because they have an established reputation.

One way that Watered is established is because they have recognized for several awards, including top non-profit organization, Charity of the Year and Most Admired Charity (Watered Phil. N. Page. ). Because they have won some of these awards, it goes to show that they have a well established name for themselves. With that established name, Watered gets more publicity and becomes well known to the people. Many people can agree that water is a necessity in living and they will donate to a charity that will help those who do not have that luxury.

Another reason that Watered is established is because of the amount of years it has been around for. “Watered in America also undertakes research, outreach, and public education activities throughout the USA to raise awareness about the global water and sanitation crisis and its solutions” (Watered. Org n. Page). Although Watered is instituted in several countries, it has prevailed dominant in the United States. Over the 32 years of being a trusted charity, Watered has gained many donors and with the awards they have won, have become more well known and publicized.

Being around for more than 3 decades has given them the people’s admiration to have them be most admired charity and for more people to help them achieve their goal of clean water everywhere. Furthermore, Watered has a worldwide outreach that has helped them become do effective Job in meeting the needs of others. One way that Watered outreaches to the world is by the fact that instead of Just helping one specific place, it is impacting more people, leading to more people finding out about it. “Watered works in 27 countries worldwide, transforming millions of lives every year with safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects” (Watered. Rug n. Page). Although water. Org works in six countries and can arguably be making more of an impact, Watered is working in ore countries at one time providing water to all of those countries and slowly but efficiently improving their water problem. Another reason why Watered is meeting the needs of others is the fact that they are more widespread throughout the world and are doing an efficient Job because they place their headquarters in core countries in which the people will help others who need it. Unlike water. Rug, Watered reaches out to everyone who is affected by the unsanitary water while Waterside’s world outreach they are not only helping all genders and ages, they are effectively helping those in need. As a final reason that Watered is doing an effective Job is that they use their money they receive and raise in good ways. The first way is that they make a large effort to help the people who are in need. Watered hosts fundraisers, takes donations, and even makes it public on big social media sites like Faceable, Twitter and Youth in which you could also donate through there.

Even by buying a bathing suit from H&M, you could be donating money to the Watered organization. “25% of sales from the H&M for Water collection will be donated to H&M for Watered. Since 2002, H&M’s initiative with Watered has raised more than E. M” (Watered. Org n. Page). Watered has teamed up with several other organizations to be able to donate more and more money to the people in need. Another way that Watered is effectively using their money is by donating almost every cent they make to the people who do not have clean water.

But they have also been criticized by other organizations for only donating 81 cents out of every dollar to the people in the past (Watered. Org n. Page). Since then, Watered has began to donate almost every single penny they receive to the people in need with the hopes of people still trusting them with their money. They certainly have had no problem with that because they have “reached almost 16 million people with safe water and over 11 million with sanitation” (Watered. Org n. Page). Watered has definitely used their money positively to help the people who are in need.

Go back to that small little town in the village and picture how Jubilant everyone would feel knowing that clean water is in store for the community. No more diseases, infections and deaths. Clean water calls for a healthier town as well as longer lives, all due to people donating their money to an organization like Watered. The 783 million people without water are beginning to get access to clean water and those children that die every twenty-one seconds are the ones sitting in schools that have their own water pumps right now.

With Waterside’s mission to continue their above average reputation, worldwide outreach and their use of money; they are effectively meeting the needs of others in need. With the help of donors, Watered can be reaching more of their goals and beginning to provide water for more people everywhere. If more people begin to donate to organizations like Watered, less people would be in need of clean water and less people would have diseases.

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