Dinner speech

Hello everybody I Just want to start off by thanking everyone who is here tonight. This is a night where we honor those who have not only done a great Job in their roles but a service to our William Paterson community. Tonight we recognize these individuals & celebrate their achievements. My name is Nicola Managing and I am the current Student Government President of WAUPUN. I have the pleasure of overseeing the largest student-run organization on campus in which Vive been a part of for the past 3 ears and continue to serve.

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To my fellow peers tonight in this room I applaud you in advance for doing what you do. We are here tonight because we shared a common purpose …. To make a contribution. While some of us made a few others surprised us and went beyond their goals. Why we are here tonight is not Just about how many contributions we made, but the impact we left in making them. What led to our impact took quite some time to create. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much of our time we devote to our respective organizations.

Some of us don’t even realize how much we think about to improve them whether it’s at work, school, in the shower, during dinner or before our sleep…. We commit at all hours of the day to better our organizations. For some of us it took days, weeks, and even months. Not everyone does it, but those that did are in this room tonight. While a few of us look to another ambitious year to others it’s their final farewell. Our success shines and our stories are heard tonight.

Each and every story had the same beginning and ending. Taking the opportunity in front of us and putting our contribution towards it. I stand in front of you staring over student leaders of today, but tomorrows future executives, managers, directors, captains, ambassadors, or leader of whatever you will make yourself to be…. We have many more years to leave our impact and tonight we are Just getting started. William Paterson students let’s show what we WILL POWER. Thank you.

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