Differences between Vietnam and America

As a girl who was born and raised in Vietnam, a third world country, and then moved to the United States of America three years ago, I experienced a big culture shock. Everything was very different here compared to where I come from. It was a big opportunity for me to explore the new world. I got to learn about the differences between Vietnamese and American families, education, and food. 2 In Vietnam, family is very important; everybody in the family stays close together. It does not matter what age you are, you can still live at home with your parent’s until whenever oh are ready to move out.

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Plus, you cannot have a Job while you are attending high school or college. Your parent’s will take care of all the expenses while you are still in school. When you are done with all the schooling, have graduated with a degree, and you can work, then you can move out. Parent’s do that because they do not want their children to worry about anything else. Students can do well in school, get out with high degrees, and find good Jobs. Though, some college students still work very little hours tutoring high school students to help out the family.

Vietnamese people, even hen they are married, have kids, or move out of their parent’s’ homes, are still close within their cities or counties. These habits and customs have infiltrated into every aspect of Vietnamese society. 3 In the US, some children are moving out of their families at a very early age, and parent’s are agreeing to it. A lot of families here spread out and move far away from home to another state; they do not get a chance to come home and visit often. American kids are disrespectful to Buy 2 their parent’s by Vietnamese standards.

Children can absolutely disagree with parent’s or even fight back. If that situation happens in Vietnamese culture, we consider it disrespectful and ungrateful, so it rarely or never happened. 4 Vietnam and America are not only different in family culture, but they are also different in education. Vietnam is a very poor country, that’s why the schools are not funded by the government. Most of the funds they get are from the students’ parent’s such as tuition, and the amount of funds vary between the areas that the schools are in and the wealth of the students’ families.

Plus, kids do not have to go to the school within the district that they live. They can pick any school anywhere in the city as long as they can afford the tuition. Most of the schools that are in the big cities or busy districts are more expensive; the tuitions are higher. This is only one small corner of education; as we go deeper, we will discover that there are more than forty students in each class. In class, the professors give out lectures. Students listen and Jot down notes. Memorizing the lectures and using them for tests is what the Vietnamese education system expects students to do.

Answering the questions using students’ own words on the exam is not recommended. Understanding and accepting the knowledge that is taught by teachers is more important than developing the thoughts by themselves. The teachers have a responsibility to make sure students do their tasks. That is why parent’s normally count on teachers and their methods of forcing kids to study. 5 In America, the school system is absolutely different from Vietnamese. First of all, citizens here do not have to pay in order for their kids to go to or her high school diploma without paying crazy amounts of money.

The education system trains kids here to learn about a specific problem thoroughly and to apply that skill in many different situations. Children are taught to have their own responsibility over their academics: writing down the notes they think they need to know, Buy 3 staying after class to ask for help, making sure homework is turned in on the due date etc. The American education system mostly focuses on developing children’s communication skills, creativity, and personal style during their elementary, middle, and high school years. Another big difference of both countries is food. Vietnamese foods include: rice or noodles, meat, and vegetables in every meal. Almost every Vietnamese meal is sit down rather than grab and go. Vietnamese cuisine mostly focuses on varieties of vegetables and herbs in every dish. A Vietnamese dinner normally includes white rice, a small plate of typical sauce, a bowl of soup, a dish of vegetables, and two dishes of animal meat, which could be pork, beef, fish, and chicken.

The vegetables can be made with plenty of different methods: boil, steam, fry, grill, or sometimes we eat raw. The main spices Vietnamese people use to make their food are garlic, peppers, sugar, monoxide glutamate, chicken bouillon, and fish sauce. That makes a harmonious mixture of sweet, spicy, salty taste. 7 Whereas Vietnamese people prefer complicated homemade foods, Americans would rather grab and go. Fast food restaurants are growing on every corner with plenty choices like Arabs, McDonald, Chick-fill-A, Checkers, Burger King etc.

It is very convenient for people with a busy lifestyle in the U. S. A. We can Just walk out of the house and grab some Juicy cheeseburger for a couple bucks right at the corner. Fast food is diverse: hamburgers, sandwiches, French fries, and hot dogs. Fast food contains large amounts of protein and starch, but not that many vegetables. With many choices of sauce to satisfy people’s appetites, they can eat up to two or here combos at once causing superfluous nutrition to form.

Beside, the industrialized lifestyle makes people do fewer activities. All these factors can lead to diabetes, an unhealthy lifestyle. 8 As you can see, there is a big difference between Vietnam and America. Each country has its own unique families, education, and food. Living in the US for three years, I finally Buy 4 overcame the culture shock. I feel very lucky because I have lived in both countries, practiced their cultures, experienced their developments of knowledge, and got to pick and choose what best apply for my life.

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