Differences between the swedish and english school systems

Differences between the Swedish and English school systems BY see Comparison – Swedish and Great Britain school system The school system Sweden has, is classified very low according to a global survey which includes 40 countries. As the Great British school system is increasing in rank, the Swedish one is decreasing in rank. Why is that? In this analysis, I am going to explain why, by mostly looking at the salary systems in each country. Swedish school system.

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The preschool (normally 1-5 years old) in Sweden addresses up to 5 years old children. The preschool is not mandatory, but it is a great way for the parents to earn how much time they have to spend on their children’s homework and also to get a picture about how easy or hard their child can learn. The later preschool (normally 6 years old) is voluntary I Sweden. Every child in Sweden shall be offered a place in a preschool class. Primary school is mandatory for all children between 7 and 16 years old.

It has the numbers, class 1-9. The school start is flexible in that way that your age can vary between 6-8. After Primary school, you are not required to go to Secondary school. You can choose to quit school when you’ve finished the elementary school, but you will be asked to go o the secondary school, two to four years, it is called the Gymnasium. When you finish secondary school you can choose to go to university. The average salary for a teacher is around 30. 000 SEEK per month. The Swedish school system is ranked number 21/40.

The best 3 universities in Sweden are ranked number 42, 82, and 106 Great British school system Primary education in Great Britain starts at age 5 and continues until age 1 1, comprising key stages one and two under the I-J educational system. From age 11 to 16, students will enter secondary school Primary and secondary education is mandatory in Great Britain; after age 16, education is optional. Once a student finishes secondary education they have the option to extend into further education to take their A-Levels etc.

Great British students planning to go to college or university must complete further education. Most international students will enter directly into the Great British higher education system, after completing their home country equivalent to the Great British “further education. ” The entry requirements, each level of education in Great Britain has varying requirements which must be satisfied in order to gain entry at that level http:// www. Educational. Net/salaries UK. HTML http://www. Sub. SE/Pages/Classifiers. Asps? Id=259066 http://blob. VT. SE/Oldenburg/2012/11 /27/seven’s-kilometers-21 a-I-overlade/ http://www. Education. Gob. UK/get-into-teaching/salary. Asps 20. 000 SEEK / month, experienced teachers, 46700 SEEK / month. Great British school system is ranked number 6/40. The three best universities are ranked number, 2, 3 and 8 Comparison Both the Swedish and the British school systems consists of five levels, with different names. The big difference is that in Great Britain, it is mandatory to go to school from he age five until you turn 16. That is a eleven years of education.

Compared to Sweden where it’s mandatory to go to school from the age of 7 to 16. That is a total of 9 years of education. One could ask; -is that enough? -Well, if you start by looking at facts, the Swedish school system is ranked number 21 in the world, while the British school system is ranked number 6. So, there must be something that Great Britain’s are doing to achieve a better school ranking, but what might that be? I think that the two years longer you attend in school in regards to the British system has a huge impact on your score as well as on the performance.

However, I believe there is more to it, why the Great British schools are better than the Swedish ones. I think it has do to with the effectiveness as well as the strictness of the schools. Another other theory is that the Swedish teachers are to UN-motivated because of the relatively lower salary system. The salary for teachers in Sweden depends on which level you teach. If you teach in the secondary school, you would get a better salary than a teacher in the preschool. But how much profit could you take by teaching in secondary school instead of reechoes?

If you are a Swedish teacher your salary would change Just a little (approximately 9%) depending on what education you have and in which subject you teach in, but regardless of how good you perform(at least not noticeable). In the I-J, the teacher salary system is divided into 9 different levels, Mainly to 133. It is a 80% difference between the salary you get at Main 1 and U 3. New teachers often start at the bottom of the salary levels, also known as the MI . Each year, teachers on the main salary scale move to the next point of the scale, as long as they perform good results.

Depending on how they perform as a teacher they could even advance by two steps in the pay scale. Http://www. Educational. Net/salaries_UK. HTML Conclusion When I look back at my comparison I believe that the Great British school system is stronger, where you have a better chance of achieving good scores. That’s because the teachers gets more motivated when they know that they can rank up as a teacher as well as getting a better pay. It becomes more like a competition – ‘Who is the best teacher? “. But I don’t think that all the teachers are doing their work to take profit, for all the days off they get as a teacher.

There are different people who work for different reasons as you can see. But why take away the chance to earn more money for those who work for money? If you combine a strong salary system like the Great British one, with a great school system like both Sweden and Great Britain has, you get more people interested in becoming a teacher because you meet everyone’s wills. Either way, I think you deserve a better pay if you do a better Job than the rest of the teachers. I think this is one of the main reasons why the Great British school system is better ranked than the Swedish one.

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