Diary of a convict

After mouths of sailing on the never ending ocean, we could finally on this calm sunny morning see a coastline on the horizon “Australia”. Today is a day me and the rest of the prisoners aboard Providence II Have been looking forward to. Hope the guards aren’t serious about the torture and the one month life expectancy. May the 7. 1822 It’s only been a couple of days since we docked on Manchuria Harbor prison, where we where introduced to our new cells and work areas quickly.

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It didn’t take long before we could confirm some of the horrible myths the guards had been telling us on the ship. People where bound up to a tree with there hands so they had to stand on their toes to reach the ground while the more unlucky where set outside for days without food or water in a tiny cage so small that arms and legs hung out, and yes not many survived it, but that’s one of the many punishments for getting caught trying the escape. So I might as well Just start getting comfortable here.

May the 12. 1822 lb been here for a hole week now and its a lot worse than anyone ever could imagine, e work ours a day in the baking sun while getting wiped, we get one meal less every day because the ship witch was supposed to arrive few days after the ship I was aboard never showed up, probably hijacked by pirates or sunk in a bad storm, anyway we are staving. Really considering an escape. May the 16. 1822 Today at the work site I managed to sneak some tools back to my cell.

Now I only need one last thing for my master plan to be complete, a map. Soon ill be out of this hellhole. May 20. 1822 As expected the guards have found out about the missing tools and are on a massive search to find them. Got to hold low key for a couple of days. May 27. 1822 Someone must have told on me because I have been in isolation the last week, incredible that a person who is sent down here by these people would help them for a cup of tea.

The only good thing to happen this week is, that I got a few glints at a map while I was questioned in the lieutenant’s room. It seems like I am going to the northeast when I get out of here. Tonight I am going to make my move ill only get one chance to do this, but even if I make it out I have no idea how I am going to make it half across the island. It has almost been a mouth.

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