Descriptive and Narrative paragraphs

First Day of College Awakened by the sound of sirens afraid from my phones alarm I remembered I had a scary day ahead of me. I quickly silenced the alarm and Jumped into the shower. As I was in the shower thoughts quickly rushed into my mind. Thoughts of what this big day will have for me. This wasn’t the first day of high school it felt real like a start new a life. No more being walked through things by the hand. It was up to me to either pass or fail. As I walked down the stairs I griped the railing harder than I ever ad.

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I smelled my mother’s cooking and it calmed me down a bit. I saw her welcoming face and she wished me luck. I hurried out the door and opened the door to my car put my seat belt on and headed out. I drove to the college and went down the winding road in fear of what was to come. Afraid of growing up and the new sense of responsibility I have taken on. I parked and walked to the door to the mall building and must of held it for at least 15 seconds and before I gained the courage to open it and face reality.

I am an adult and I am going to go the distance. First Driving Experience When you are 16 what else do want more than anything in the world? Your license of course! Getting your license is like obtaining a key to a new world and So many opportunities are opened. Not excited with driving up and down the neighborhood my friends and I went for the big leagues to the major streets. I thought it’d be funny to scare my friends and speed while passing through traffic. Soon as I did I hear the “Whoop Whoop” of a patrol car.

I immediately pull over and wait frightened of what will happen to me. Some of my friends wanted to run but it was too late. The officer asked for my license and registration. I went for my wallet thumbed through it and no dice. I had forgotten to grab it from my bedroom. But, of course he didn’t believe that story. So, they showed up and explained things and got me off with a warning thank the stars. No punishment from the law but needless to say I while my friends were driving to school I was still taking the bus.

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