Deciding on a Shop-Floor System for Producing the Xbox

Muskier is the project leader for producing the Oxbow in a global manufacturing company and should reach a decision with regards to which shop-floor system to implement in the facilities as soon as possible even though there are several factors to make the decision difficulty for Muskier. That is, for making final decisions, he should consider client’s satisfaction to meet Microsoft’s tracking system requirements, deliver products on time and ensure product quality. In addition, regardless which decision he makes, Muskier have to ensure that employees at both factories are convinced with his decision and coordinate well with each other.

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Lastly, he should consider cost saving, which is a key competitive advantage in this industry, at two different factories. In these circumstances, what actions should Muskier take to reach a decision? Why should he take those actions? Muckraker’s Actions to take and Reasons First of all, Muskier should move with firm willingness to install Distastes system In Hungary Day Involving ten company CEO Marks In persuading Humphrey Porter Ana his European team to adopt the software. This shall give them the authority, credibility and allow for speedy execution of the task.

The article says that, one of main reasons that Flatirons won a bid to produce Microsoft’s Oxbow is that Microsoft ad expressed its satisfaction about the fact that the system has been used in both locations (Hungary and Mexico). Therefore, Flatirons has to meet its needs for business; otherwise it can lose business credibility from its customer, even potential customers in near future. This business credibility is more important than ever because the project is a starting point of going global in Flatirons’ business development, and it can be a great opportunity to present its reliable manner in business relationship to the market.

Muskier understands that Distastes is a more expensive solution, and costs could sis quickly if a great deal of product support and customization is required. In addition, this would be Diastase’s first European implementation, so there might be some unforeseen challenges in adapting the software for the Hungarian operations. However, from the long-term perspective, benefits from settling the system such as efficient supply chain management, quality control through tracking product defects, and reputation of customer-oriented business will be greater than the costs.

Second, to make a final decision, Muskier needs to bring the key individual in one lace for fast decision making and more effective communication. Under circumstances that time is running out and geographical distance between the locations is a challenge, Muskier needs methods to overcome those challenges. So, it is required that people from different organizations can understand the other position’s situation, and that Muskier makes various opinions converge on one idea to achieve an ultimate goal.

That is, he should be a facilitator for making Flatirons move smoothly for its final destination. In the long-term, Muskier needs to systematize an effective communication program to reach the entire workforce by raining leaders, managers and supervisors to become effective communicators, especially in geographically spread and culturally diverse companies. One of Muckraker’s biggest concerns was that two facilities in Hungary and Mexico had never worked together in the past, and very few people other than those at the most senior levels knew their counterparts at the other facility.

Likewise, a lack of communication can lead the organization to be uncooperative with each other in cross-regional and cross-functional project requiring concentrated cooperation and high productivity. Lastly, it is required that Muskier redefines the effective decision making process by suggesting it to his upper management so that every project can be proceeded without much conflicts between related parties, and be acceptable to all parties involved.

Even though he is the authorized person to lead the project, it is very difficult to manage a relationship with parties involved and stakes they have. This is mainly because he has many obstacles to make the decision difficult as mentioned earlier; also this is because there is an organization structure to make the decision recess Intellective. In ten article, we can notice Tanat Manager, won Is a president AT the Americas, feels uncomfortable imposing a decision and Muskier wonders if he should go back to Manager and insist that he (or Marks) decide.

It shows that there is an ambiguity in a role of decision maker and process. Even if this organization is decentralized in decision making, it is required that someone among top managements makes a final decision especially in a situation that time is running out and firm actions for determination need to be taken immediately because everyone ho makes a decision is concerned about responsibilities from the result of that decision, which leads decision maker to be reluctant to decide. There is same situation happening in this case.

Therefore, it is required to redefine the exact scope of project manager’s authorities, roles, and responsibilities of tasks to avoid unclear situation in any tasks. Conclusions In terms of organization structure, this case is directly relevant to matrix organization, which combines functional and product departments in a dual authority system. It shows that the dual authority system can cause the project anger to come into conflicts when making decisions because he should listen to management in functional department, and also in product department at once.

Ultimately, this burden leads the project manager to consume more time and energies in coordinating interests of all parties involved. Therefore, if Flatirons continues to use existing organization structure, it should develop mechanism to overcome those drawbacks through a system to resolve conflicts and measures to prevent scope of tasks overlapping so that it can perform well in their global business.

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