Death Reflection

Death Reflection Death is a common occurrence in an organism’s life cycle that we as humans have observed so far and because of it the shock of death should take a lot less of a toll on our lives but still plays a major part of depression in the western cultures. My take on death before entering the class and learning the curriculum had taken only two aspects of death into account, one the idea of my own not completely educated Baptist opinion, and secondly my other had to do with my acceptance that death happens to everyone and that there’s no way to avoid it.

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Since I can remember IVe always been inundated in my parents’ choice to make me a Baptist and follow a faith that even now I’m not sure whether it’s even discernable as to whether not I should follow it, the way this plays into death is that the faith leads me to believe that as long as I live a good life one in the benefit of others and righteousness my spot after death is guaranteed to be prosperous. The literature continually states that the creator of our lives is waiting in a spot in heaven in which he will personally reward us by letting us into his kingdom.

By believing in his faith is requires me to be continuously continuous about an omniscient being that consistently watches over our lives. With this looming thought it became incomprehensible to be that my God would watch over my family and friends and let any of them pass away without living a full life, that they would be taken away and that the only excuse or reasoning would be because it was their time.

It was due to this that the idea of my God seemed to waiver but had no proof in existence or therefore lack of. The next aspect that was always contemplated has to do with the acceptance of eath; that whether or not they were created by an omniscient and omnipotent power that he simply put these organisms on the earth to die and suffer.

It seems even stranger to accept that god would create multiple ways of dying that simply torture his creations as they expire such as burning to death, drowning to death, and being crushed by air pressure. Accepting this became even more difficult to believe because as I began to grow in age due to conflicting ideals as this I started to believe that it’s possible that god may or may not exist but it didn’t waiver my faith in ollowing the religion.

The reason this became important is because with this ability to be flip flopped on whether or not my faith exists provided me a gateway in the choice of believing the reality of death and whether or not something like it even exists. It began to become possible to be that with many other things it’s possible that we as human beings were unable to grasp the concept and truly understand that its possible they may be another life after death or this may Just as on theory states be a fgment of one individuals imagination. By kwame46

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