Cyber Security

Cyber Security BY mos1603 11/6/2013 Current Event # 11/6/13 Cyber security is of major importance when it comes to information assurance. Cyber-attacks can put sensitive information at risk and leave data vulnerable. There are cyber security threats that most don’t consider. These threats can hinder a company’s progress, steal money from unsuspecting victims and worse steal identities. “The Malicious” as some would call it is a threat that as the name shows malicious intent. These malicious threats may target a certain company or enterprise to wreak havoc on.

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Every one participates in this cyber security war. There are unknown individuals attacking companies for their own reasons or nations trying to gain access to sensitive information. Countries will attack other nations to gain information or hinder the daily functions of a certain enterprise. The Chinese Minister Cau Mingzhai has recently stated “In cyberspace all countries face the same problems and ultimately the same fate”. Leaders are calling for cooperation between countries to fix the problem.

It would be a tough Job to measure exactly how many and how big the threats are when companies and countries won’t admit to being of hackers and how much they take. This can possibly have a great impact on society if created properly. When combating the malicious hackers it is better to take a preventive approach then to try to remove the hacker once there already in. Focus more on protecting yourself from the attack. Sometimes the corrective method of removing the intruder is the only way to fix the issue.

Information assurance is important to companies wanting to keep their clients trust. There also hackers who are fraudsters, people seeking monetary gain by accessing bank accounts and social security numbers. This is a threat that really needs to be prevented and if not removed in a timely manner. The first defense against this is to be aware of suspicious activity. Access control is used to limit certain works from sensitive nformation, making it harder for fraudsters to work.

One solution to this threat is Identity and Access Management platform. This platform help companies monitor and control access to data and applications on their network. This platform can provide the basic security goals for these companies. Vaishnavi, Vick. “The Top Three Cybersecurity Threats You Aren’t Considering. ” Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 6 Nov. 2013. Web. 6 Nov. 2013.. “World cybersecurity leaders call for cooperation. ” CBSNews. CBS Interactive, n. d. Web. 6 NOV. 2013. .

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