Cxc syllabus glossary- this is a guide to the main word

A type of memory chip that can be erased by removing it from the circuit and exposing it to Expert system A software package that acts as a consultant or expert to the user. It is “expert’ in a specialized application or area and provides assistance to the user in solving problems in that area. Feasibility study In-depth study of an application area for the purpose of establishing whether automation would be cost effective. In general, the expected benefits should exceed the combined cost of installing the computer and developing the system. Field (1) A section off record containing data relating to one attribute of an entity. 2) Part of a machine instruction containing an operation or address. Floppy disk A flexible magnetic coated disk, commonly used with microcomputers, on which data can be stored magnetically. Font A family or collection of characters (letters, EX. 30/G/SLYLY 08 49 and special characters) of a particular size and style. Fourth generation A computer programming language which allows the program to specify language (GEL)”what” is to be achieved rather than “how’ it is to be achieved. For example, database languages. Half duplex A transmission system that allows data to be transmitted in one direction at a time.

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That is the system can transmit and receive data but not at the same time. Hard disk Hardware Home page HTML HTTP A rigid disk used for storing data magnetically. Its rigid construction allows for higher storage densities. Access times for a hard disk are much faster than for floppy disks. The physical components of a computer system such as the Central Processing Unit (CUP]), memory, input, output, and storage devices. The file available for access at a web site intended chiefly to greet visitors, provide information about the site, and direct them to other sites with related information.

Hyper Text Markup Language. A markup language used to structure text and multimedia documents used extensively on the World Wide Web. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. A protocol used to request and transmit files, especially Web pages and Web page components, over the Internet or other computer network. DID interface is an interface for mass storage devices, in which the controller is integrated into the disk or CD-ROOM drive. Immediate access storage The memory within the central processor. Also referred to as internal use or main store.

Indiscriminating secondary file which contains pointers to items in an associated database file and allows rapid location of records in the file. Information Meaningful knowledge produced from raw data files. Information retrieval The process of retrieving specific information from data files. Integrated package This package combines several applications in a suite of programs. Most EX. 30/G/SLYLY 08 50 of these packages combine a word processor; spreadsheet and database program. Data are shared easily between these integrated programs. Internet The Internet is the largest computer network system in the world.

It consists of many smaller networks connected together by a global public network. The Internet is often called the information superhighway or cyberspace. Intranet An intranet is a private network that belongs to an organization, and is designed authorization When part of an intranet is made accessible to customers, partners, suppliers, or others outside the company, that part is called an extranet. Interpreter A computer program which interactively translates and executes a source program without permanently storing any executable code. Invoke Process of starting up a program by using its name (or selecting its icon).

Joystick An input device that uses a lever to control movement of the cursor or graphic images. Justification This is the adjustment of alignment of one or more lines of text with a particular margin, for example, alignment with the left margin, the right margin or both. The term Justification often is used to refer to full justification of the alignment of text along both margins. Keyboarding The process of rapidly and accurately entering data into a computer the keyboard as an input device. Key-to-disk Keyboard entry of data directly to magnetic disk without previous preparation on another medium.

Kilobyte One thousand and Twenty-four bytes. LANA Acronym for Local Area Network. A type of computer network where two or more computers are directly linked within a small area such as a room or building site. A common characteristic of this system is that computers are linked by direct cables rather than by telecommunication lines. The presence or absence of light. It is used to select an entry or indicate a position. Magnetic disk A Mylar (floppy disk) or metallic (hard disk) circular plate on which EX. 30/G/SLYLY 08 51 electronic data can be stored magnetically.

Suitable for direct or random access data storage and retrieval. Mail-merge A facility found in full fledged Wordiness’s programs that draws information from a database, usually a mailing list, to print multiple copies of a document. Each copy contains some common text but each bearing different addresses. Main-memory See immediate access storage. Mainframe A large-scale computer with a variety of peripheral devices, a large amount of backing store and a fast CUP]. The term is often used in comparison with a smaller or subordinate computer. It should be noted

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